How to Create a Company Brand for your Business

Creating a solid and well-planned business brand can be the first step to make your next venture a success. However, not everyone knows with certainty what criteria to follow or how to start. Sometimes you can have a vague idea of ​​a logo, but nothing more.

What is your company brand image image 322222When creating a brand for your company, you need to think about many factors that are determining factors.

How it should be seen, what colors to use, what you are going to use it on, how it identifies with the values ​​of your business and if it will be striking for your target audience. These are questions that you may have asked yourself when you think about your brand.Therefore, today we will see how to create a brand for your business, step by step.These tips can help you to create your brand from scratch or to strengthen the one you already have.

How to Create your Brand Step by Step:

  1. Create a Slogan

A good slogan should be brief, easy to remember, catchy and memorable. Remember that this element may very likely accompany all your advertising along with your logo. Try to use as few words as possible, but to reflect a brand value on them.

Of course, a slogan may change over time as brands evolve or new market approaches are found. 

  1. Research your Target Market and your Competitors

The initial step to create your brand is to know more about your potential customers, what their needs are, what they are looking for, how they prefer to acquire it, what their lifestyle, interests or what problem they need to solve.

At the same time, it is important that you “spy” a bit what the competition does. That is, that you know the sales process, distribution channels, promotions, etc. The idea is not to do the same, but to know what challenges you are going to face and the minimum that customers of that niche expect.

  1. Choose the “Personality” of your Brand

Initially, it was mentioned that your brand must have a personality type. This means that it is aimed at a certain sector of the population as well. Your brand must speak directly to the interested public and be compatible with the values it seeks when making the purchase.

This means that you cannot think that your market is “everyone”, since, although everyone could use what you sell, not everyone has the same preferences or is interested in the same things.

Remember that your brand is like a person. She cannot be friends with everyone or please everyone. And contrary to what it may seem, this is a positive thing.

  1. Choose the name of your Business

There are Two Types of Entrepreneurs:

  • Those who think of the name of your business from the beginning and those who leave it for the end or do not know how to put it.
  • Of course, a brand is more than just the name of the business. What really creates it is the personality, values ​​and reputation, all of which gives it a meaning within the market.
  • However, the man of your company also impacts your market, it is even important in your brand registration, your website or social networks. Choosing a good name can bring you success and make your brand known. On the contrary, an uncreative name can leave it in oblivion.
  • Sometimes, brands also use names that have nothing to do with the product, but still succeed. One case is that of the Apple brand for computers.
  1. Choose your Colors and Typography

This is one of the most important parts when creating your brand. Once you have defined the name and slogan of your business, it is time to choose how it will be presented visually to the client.

Your logo should be simple, easy to remember and reproduce in digital and physical media, it should be able to be used on a light, dark, neutral, black and white background, etc. In addition, you must choose and approve the fonts to use for your future advertising campaigns, as well as color combinations that remind you of your brand just by seeing them.