Greenlight launches Crucible – AI simulations for coaching startups

Greenlight Inc, a business coaching firm, is launching a new Artificial Intelligence simulator to train founders of startups. The AI, which the company has named ‘Crucible,’ helps them overcome obstacles to be profitable and sustainable.

A team of gaming experts, AI developers, and serial entrepreneurs collaborated to design Crucible. It is based on the firm’s proprietary Smart Start framework which assesses and scores managerial competency. It improves capability with targeted action plans and also simulates successful outcomes.

The letters AI stand for Artificial Intelligence. AI refers to software that makes computers or robots think and act like human beings. According to some experts, it is only AI if it can perform at least as well as a human being.

Crucible builds confidence and skill

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Brian Patrick, said:

“New entrepreneurs are motivated to launch their product lines, but shy away from the demands of actual customers and investors. This leads to an introverted management style that is not sustainable under high stress.”

“We will incorporate Crucible training modules in online and onsite proctored sessions to build up our clients’ confidence and skill under the most chaotic and volatile situations.” Patrick’s recent article in Forbes references these benefits as “Six Superpowers Of Successful Startups.”

The creators of Crucible tested the AI with college startups from Columbia University. Early testing also included many candidates who competed in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.

The AI simulation and adaptive learning modules were tested under secrecy to protect the identity of the cohort. The researchers followed up with several focus groups.

Crucible artificial intelligence
Crucible is an AI-powered startup simulator that helps founders become more successful. It is the first simulator of its kind.

Scenario-based training with Crucible – results

According to Greenlight Inc., the results of the scenario-based training included:

  • Significant improvements in management collaboration.
  • Better problem-solving abilities.
  • Enhanced tactical ability.
  • Superior work agility.
  • The participants also became faster at completing tasks.

Improved competencies in these areas are associated with better company metrics. Company metrics include, for example, total contract value, gross margins, annual recurring revenue, and month-on-month growth.

The developers said that the 54-hour period during US Marine Corps Boot camp training inspired them. Crucible scenarios focus on the key competency areas that are crucial for the creation of stronger leaders.

Todd Patrick, Chief Operating Officer, a former Marine, said:

“We’re leveraging tried-and-true training regimens from the military. With Crucible, we’re using AI to match competency areas with suggested skill improvement exercises and rigorous training scenarios to test those improved skills. It’s like taking an MBA prep course taught by a drill instructor.”

Greenlight says that it is:

“An AI-as-a-Service platform to help startups and Fortune 100 firms assess their management competencies, improve their capabilities, and simulate future scenarios in a virtual lab.”

“Since 2015, clients have raised over $4 million in seed funding from competitions like TechWeek NYC and the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE.”

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