The Dallas Mavericks will accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “next season”

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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, a digital currency that operates without a central bank.

Mark Cuban announced on Twitter that his baseball team The Dallas Mavericks will begin accepting bitcoin as a method of payment “next season”.

Source: Twitter @mcuban

According to Bloomberg, Cuban said in an email that the team will also be accepting cryptocurrencies as well.

“True,” Cuban said in response to Bloomberg about whether the team will accept bitcoin payments. “And we will be taking Ether as well. As far as tokens, we will be taking tokens originated by companies we have business relationships.”

Cuban added: “Some people want to buy products in krypto to prove a point. We are happy to make it easy for them. And for Existing Mavs fans who prefer to spend krypto currency we are happy to make it easy for them.”

Cuban also told CoinDesk: “We will be adding a crypto payment ability for next season. We will accept BTC, Eth, possibly some other currencies. (That’s) to be determined.”

Cuban has been a major backer of firms in the cryptocurrency industry. He backed a crypto venture capital fund last year and supported the launch of Ethereum-based Mercury Protocol for the communication industry last August.

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