Digital Marketing Strategy: 6 Good Reasons to Revamp It

Can you think of one popular brand that doesn’t have a strong virtual presence? Nope, you can’t, because everyone is busy upping their digital marketing games!

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Contrary to popular opinion, digital marketing isn’t limited to just a virtual presence though. However, this form of marketing can be further simplified based on the way a channel makes use of the internet; there are online channels (website, email, video and content marketing, SEO, social media)  and offline channels ( television, SMS and radio marketing and electronic billboard).

Planned and strategic marketing that uses all these offline and online channels to achieve the company’s goals and objectives is called a digital marketing strategy.

Let us see how far has the impact of this marketing been felt. To begin with,  88% of people are likely to reach brands via their social media pages for a query then visit their local stores. It has been found that email marketing results in a 4400% hike in ROI.

That’s impressive!

It’s evident that digital marketing reaps benefits, however, it can lose its sharpness with time’s passage.

Businesses often use the same strategy year after year to achieve their goals. Digital media is a new age media. Marketers might not achieve the same results from a strategy as they did before. This is why we need to revamp or modify our digital marketing techniques.

  1. Failed online presence

To help your business gain organic visibility, you need to work on the website’s design, speed, and accessibility. When your customer is searching for your product or service in the search engine, it is important that your website is ranked on the first page, and when clicked, the website should provide them with a solution.

Conduct search engine audits and keyword analysis to understand what is benefiting the company the most. Content formatting is as crucial as analyzing your keywords.

Therefore, you should make content that follows new trends and strategies or revamp the old ones to maintain your rankings and sustain your business.

If your business is struggling with making its online presence felt, you should consult experts such as Uplers.

  1. Video marketing

54% of consumers today prefer watching video content. You could use this fact to revamp your marketing strategies and start experimenting with more quirky video content. You could upload the videos on your YT channels and grow an empire out of YT too.

The views your video gets determines how much would the search engine results push it organically. The more the views, the better are your prospects of making it to the top. More viewership means that the video is relevant and important for users.

  1. Generating traffic but no conversions

Most websites generate enough traffic, yet their conversion rate is fairly low. If that is the case with you, it’s time you revamp your marketing strategies.

For this purpose, you should learn more about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Track and analyze your visitors’ behaviour. The CRO points out the particular stage in the marketing funnel when the prospects are losing interest.

Hence, CRO will tell you what needs to be fixed or implemented in order to get better conversions. When you know what your customer needs, you direct your company towards fulfilling better customer experience.

  1. Fruitless social media marketing

Did you know that over 40% of the population is using social media today? Perhaps why, you can not ignore the potential of a good social media marketing strategy.

Engaging with customers and being proactive towards query or problem solutions is important in the digital age and necessary to get social media traction.

For example, An unhappy customer may reach out with their feedback on your Facebook inbox or even Instagram comments. The best way to deal with this is to reply to the customer with an apology and express the company’s sincere efforts in how they would deal with the problem and ensure that the consumer never faces a similar problem again.

This can not only help you solve a problem, but this also increases the credibility and trust a customer places on your brand.

  1. Grasping headlines

With so much content available online, how do you stand out from the crowd? Simple! Create engaging and attractive headlines.

If you use boring captions, your readers may lose interest within a few seconds of their quick read. Had they stayed for the whole article, it may have given you a better chance at conversion.

To ensure that your target audience goes through what you have to offer, you need to first grab their attention.

  1. Slow website responsiveness

It may be the case that your content is amazing yet you do not convert so many leads, simply because the website takes way too much of a time to load or perhaps, the website is not compatible with all platforms (smart phones, tablets, desktop, laptop).

In 2019, 52.6% of global website traffic was generated through mobile phones.

It is important that web developers and designers design websites that can also work smoothly over small screens for better user experience and engagement.

Digital marketing is new and ever-evolving. It can bring your business recognition and value. However, it is this ever-evolving nature that also requires you to revamp and modify your strategies to make a sustainable place in the market.

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