8 Reasons Why Every Company Should Implement an E-Signature Solution

Technological advancements have been extremely beneficial to virtually all working industries, especially the business industry. As of today, technology has helped businesses with everything from online marketing, customer acquisition, and other similar benefits. That said, one benefit that stands out above the rest are E-signatures. In a nutshell, E-signatures are a digital form of a physical signature.

E-signature article image 44444It is used to verify the authenticity of messages, transactions, or online documents. With the increasing use and importance of the internet in the business industry, we can imagine that E-signatures will also grow in importance. Some people are even arguing that any business not using E-signatures today is losing legitimacy as a company. Not to mention, they are also risking making a costly mistake by losing valuable documents that are not protected by the power of an E-signature.

Needless to say, there are many reasons why every business should use this tool. Overall, E-signatures do a lot more than just being a digital verification. With this in mind, let’s go over eight effective reasons why every company should implement E-signatures and why they should encourage others to use them as well.

1: It Saves Valuable Time

Perhaps the most noticeable Esignature Solution that a company will get is saved time. Given the simplicity of the E-signature process, it cuts down on having to spend time manually verifying a signature. In turn, this gives the company more time to spend on other valuable areas.

2: It Is More Cost-Effective Than Paper Signatures

When it comes to saving money, there is no easier way to do so than implementing an E-signature tool. Just think about all money that has to be spent on paper, ink, and other expensed that come with a physical signature.

3: It Allows For Stronger Document Security

As mentioned before, the internet is increasing in importance. In a matter of time, all businesses will require the use of some form of an online platform. Because of this, online security will also become a big factor in the industry. That said, rest assured knowing that E-signatures are far and beyond more secure than traditional signatures.

4: It Allows For A Fast Signature Process

Not to be confused with the ability to save time, implementing E-signatures also immediately speed up the signature process itself. This can be broken down on a day-to-day basis. With all of the time that is spent verifying and processing a physical signature, an E-signature can do it all with a fast and simple online signing.

5: It Allows Documents TO Be Centralized & Organized

Organization in a business is another contributor to a company’s success. This is more so the case with valuable documents and other paperwork. By using an E-signature, all documents can be centralized into one filled location. This gets rid of all the hassles that come with looking for a physical copy.

6: It Allows For Document Tracking

One of the most overlooked factors in business is document tracking. This is an important factor in that it can be used to get inside the minds of competitors and potential clients in a way to be one step ahead of them. Not only do E-signatures allow for this but, they do it in a way that is efficient for all parties involved.

7: It Contributes To Collaboration

In a business environment itself, collaboration throughout the company is very important. That said, it can be hard to find ways to do this in a company that isn’t going to cost money. As far as E-signatures are concerned, they can be used to create collaboration with employees in any phase of the signature verifying process.

8: It Allows For Simple Financial Transactions

We can’t discuss E-signatures without discussing what they were originally intended to protect. For most businesses, that would be financial documents. Whether it is transactions, withdrawals or any other form similar document, misplacing them could be more harmful than simply losing business. With E-signatures and the backing of the internet, there is no need to worry about this as they have layers of protection and verifications attached to them.