Facebook Messenger users can ask for an Uber ride straight from the app

Facebook is rolling out a new a service on its Messenger app giving users the ability to ask for an Uber ride directly from the app.

The tech giant announced that it partnered up with the Uber to allow users in the United States to ask for a ride from within the Facebook Messenger smartphone app.


In an official Uber blog post the company said:

“Today, in partnership with Facebook, we’re bringing you and your friends closer together right where you are: on Messenger.

“Powered by Uber’s API, Messenger now enables its millions of users to sign up for Uber with one tap and request a ride, all without having to leave Messenger or download the Uber app. Ride status updates and ride receipts are delivered to a private conversation between you and Uber on Messenger, making it easy to track your Uber ride and payment history.”

To use the service on Messenger users can either: start a conversation with Uber and tap the car icon, or tap the more menu icon in any Messenger conversation and select the option ‘Transportation’.

David Marcus, vice president for messaging products at Facebook, said in an interview with the New York Times:

“A lot of the plans that you are making with friends and family are happening through Messenger,”

He added: “When people come together, there is always a need to request transportation. It’s actually bringing a lot of utility to the platform.”

Facebook also said that it plans to add more ride-hailing companies in the coming months, adding that an international expansion is in the works too.

Sources close to Lyft told Reuters that its ride-hailing service provider will be added to Transportation on Messenger in January.