Fleet of UFOs photographed flying above The Shard in London

A fleet of UFOs was photographed last December by somebody who had been walking around the area of London’s tallest building – The Shard – and taking pictures with his iPhone. It was only afterwards, apparently, when he looked at the images, that he noticed the strange UFO’s up in the sky.

He is convinced that what he saw was a fleet of spaceships belonging to intelligent extraterrestrials. Did he not wonder, however, why it was that the camera ‘saw’ what his naked eye was unable to. In the vast majority of cases, this happens because of lens flares or other scientific explanations – and not a visit by aliens.

The alien-hunting community across the world has been sent into a frenzy by the images. Many of them believe aliens were out on a sightseeing outing, just like many humans on the ground in the UK’s capital.

UFO FleetThe photograph shows five lights hovering above The Shard, a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London, the tallest building in the city. (Image: ufosightingsdaily.com. Credit: MUFON)

The person who took the picture sent it to UFO seeker Scott C. Waring, who runs the website UFO Sightings Daily.

Mr. Waring, who has an incredible ability to see intrigue, conspiracies, aliens and UFOs in the tamest of photos, says the hovering lights in the sky are clearly not from our planet.

The picture taker, who wants to remain anonymous, has also forwarded the photograph for investigation by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), which claims to have people who can either authenticate or discard alleged evidence of unidentified flying objects.

Regarding the photograph, Mr. Waring wrote:

“Here we have an example of how the digital eye of the camera is more exact than the human eye. The camera caught what the photographer didn’t even see at the time. That’s understandable since the iPhone screen is a bit small.”

UFOs in London skyComments on this picture, which has gone viral across social media websites, range from extraterrestrials trying to determine how advanced or primitive we are, to a group of alien children out on a field trip deciding on whether to take home some ‘pet’ humans. (Image: ufosightingsdaily.com. Credit: MUFON)

“There is only two reasons to stop by such a famous building as The Shard. One, to drop some aliens off (looking like us) to look around and do shopping. Two…to observe a marvel of the modern age…the building itself.”

UFO seeker saw metallic features

The anonymous eyewitness said:

“On closer inspection of the photographs, I noticed that a progressive path off unidentified objects were recorded on the several images that were taken. They were clearly visible above the pinnacle of The Shard.”

“In extreme close-up, the object to the far right has a clear structure – perhaps metallic. I am almost certain these are not light reflections. I take lots of photographs and have never observed this phenomenon before or since.”

The comments that follow Mr. Waring’s article are full of conspiracy theories and complaints that the powers that be never allow us to express ourselves and keep the lid on everything. Sadly, there was not one technical comment about the photograph itself and why the lights appeared in the sky.

Not UFO but lens flaresHowever, it appears that Scott Brando, a UFO seeker who often pulls apart claims which are really hoaxes or badly-researched pictures, said the lights in the sky had nothing to do with aliens and everything to do with lens flares. (Image: twitter.com/ufoofinterest)

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