Ford launching car-sharing program in the US and UK

Ford is rolling out its very own car-sharing program across six cities in the US and London.

On Tuesday the automotive giant announced that its pilot program will be available for customers who have financed their cars through Ford Motor Credit to rent out their vehicle for short-term use.

Renting out Ford Credit-financed vehicles will help customers offset monthly vehicle ownership costs.

David McClelland, Ford Credit vice president of marketing, said in a written statement:

“Consumers tell us they are interested in sharing the costs of vehicle ownership, and this program will help us understand how much that extends to customers who are financing a Ford vehicle.

As most vehicles are parked and out of use much of the time, this can help us gauge our customers’ desires to pick up extra cash and keep their vehicles in use.”


GoDrive is an on-demand, public car-sharing pilot. The service offers customers flexible, practical and affordable access to a fleet of cars for one-way journeys with easy parking throughout London.

According to Ford, a total of 14,000 US customers and 12,000 London customers will be invited to participate in the program.

Ford Motor Credit Company teamed up with two ride-sharing companies to make the program possible.

Customers in the US will participate through Getaround and London drivers will connect through easyCar Club.

“My great-grandfather helped put the world on wheels so everyone could enjoy the benefits of mobility,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “Our vision today is to expand that same thinking using advanced technology and new business models, and addressing the mobility challenges people face around the world.”

According to Ford:

“The pilot is being offered to select Ford Credit customers in California – including Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco; as well as in Portland, Oregon; Chicago and Washington, D.C. It runs through November.”

As the ride-sharing industry booms more traditional automotive companies, such as Ford, are finding ways of entering the market.