Giant towers on Moon proof aliens exist say UFO seekers

Some giant towers on the Moon are proof that aliens exist, says a group of UFO enthusiasts who believe governments and public agencies are no longer able to keep the lid on the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Secureteam10, an organization that examines UFO sightings and alien encounter claims, and then posts videos online of the ones it deems are the most compelling, has posted footage on YouTube which it claims shows equally-spaced 200-foot-tall towers at the rim of a lunar crater.

Secureteam10 says it used Google Earth to highlight these mysterious shapes, which have never been seen before by humans on Earth.

Giant towers on the MoonWhat do you think? Just normal lunar terrain, or evidence of alien construction on the Moon? (Image: YouTube)

‘Pyramid-shaped constructions’

The fuzzy, shadowy, grainy image posted online appears to show the ‘pyramid-shaped constructions’ at coordinates: 21° 4′ 2.23 N, 148° 39’12.30″ E.

The narrator assures viewers that what he has is compelling evidence of massive artificial structures on the Moon. He adds that anybody who is not convinced by his presentation will likely never be persuaded.

The narrator, called Tyler, says there are five massive pillars altogether – three of them are easier to see. He accuses NASA of airbrushing out some structures so that members of the public can be kept in the dark.

Tyler said:

“We have this crater, and as you’re seeing we have these three large pillars, perfectly spaced apart sitting on the rim of this crater. Now, the Sun is shining down onto the Moon from the bottom of the screen, and you can actually see the three shadows.”

“We have gone ahead and measured the size of these three pillars, and they come to almost 200 feet. And then you’ll notice that there are also two more pillars standing to the outside of these craters.”

Example of pareidoliaMeaning of Pareidolia: when something – like a cloud in the sky – reminds you of something or somebody. People suffering from severe pareidolia believe it is the real thing. Do you think Tyler sees real alien buildings, or suffers from pareidolia – is he like the boy on the left or right?

He then points out that there are other craters with three, equally-spaced pillars.

Mixed reviews among comments

Several viewers who placed comments appear to agree with Tyler’s version, but not all of them.

Edward JLo humorously wrote:

“Newly confirmed: There’s a new restaurant on the moon. The food Is supposed to be great but I heard there’s no atmosphere.”

Evan Serrano1 expressed concern for Tyler’s safety with the following comment:

“Tyler bro, I hope one day that you don’t disappear like in some crazy government conspiracy types.”

Kalub shaw48 went several steps further with the conspiracy theory, and wrote:

“I have actually had very creepy NSA type of stuff happen to me. For whoever it is, that is messing with me, they would have had to track me from age 17. I’ve now just turned 22 and have had 2 experiences that were so farfetched it scares. Then the handful of other experiences I’m sure lots of people get.”

Andulvar17 suggested that Tyler would see aliens in any image that was out of focus:

“So let me get this straight. All blurry images on Google maps are proof of aliens? Christ. You’re trying so hard.”

Video – Giant pillars on the Moon

Tyler explains what we are supposed to see on this video. He claims this is proof that aliens have constructions on the Moon.