Giant UFO in front of Sun imaged by NASA satellites

What appears to be a giant UFO in front of the Sun has been imaged by NASA satellites. If the UFO really is what conspiracy theorists claim it is, the unidentified flying (floating) object, a strange blue mega sphere, is probably larger than the Earth. The object, spotted on November 15th, has UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

YouTube user mrfaithandphysics, who wonders whether it is a planet from perhaps another dimension, commented:

“It certainly does look exceptional and I’m stumped. I’d say rogue planet, but we don’t see it moving, and then it’s gone!”

Giant UFO blue spherePamela Johnson posted this image on Facebook and added the following comment: “One of the lastest GaiaPortal posts comes to mind, “Astro-glances compel the masses to action”. I have just consulted my Divine Rods and they indicate this is one of the Blue Spheres and not to fear.” (Image:

Giant UFO filmed by NASA satelllites

The giant UFO, a huge, blue spherical object, was spotted by Facebook user Pamela Johnson from Mexico. She shared the enigmatic images on Facebook, explaining that the Sun reacted with this object in the middle of this month.

According to Ms. Johnson, a number of frames captured by NASA’s STEREO H1 satellites, which orbit the Sun, were not present in the feed only a few days after the mysterious object suddenly appeared.

Ms. Johnson wrote:

“Our Sun is casting the light that is coming in from the left side of the frame. This satellite’s archives showed the Sun began reacting to this object on November 15th and there are several frames missing on the 15th and 16th. Wow!”

Satellite image without giant UFOMs. Johnson posted this image on Facebook to show what that area of sky looks like without the giant UFO. (Image:

The giant blue sphere images were uploaded on video to YouTube and viewed over 100,000 times. While nearly half of all the viewers offered explanations for the giant UFO, mainly related to extraterrestrial civilizations and other dimensions or universes, the other half appeared to be skeptical.

Project Blue Beam?

One viewer, Mike Sovereign, wrote:

“OK, if you ask me, NASA would never be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public. And it looks like something is projecting this image in space … holographic perhaps, or Project Blue Beam.”

In 1994, Canadian investigative journalist, essayist, poet and conspiracy theorist Serge Monast (1945-1996) published Project Blue Beam (NASA), in which he claimed that NASA, with United Nations’ help, was trying to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head, in an attempt to initiate a New World Order.

Serge Monast project Blue BeamSerge Monast (above) started the Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory. (Image:

A number of conspiracy theorists point to a ‘disturbing’ similarity between the plots of Project Blue Beam and the 1975 Star Trek movie The God Thing, and the 1991 Star Trek Next Generation episode Devil’s Due.

NASA says not giant UFO

According to NASA scientists, on rare occasions their image processors become overloaded and produce corrupt images. These bizarre pictures are the result of a ‘large number of exposures’, which in this case were of the Sun itself.

Some viewers suggested that if it were a big deal, the images would never have seen the light of day.

Video – Giant UFO blue sphere

This video, uploaded by a UFO enthusiast, shows the images in chronological order.