Giant underwater UFO off Antarctica coast has viewers baffled

A giant underwater UFO that appears to glow and was spotted off the coast of Antarctica, has viewers online baffled. Suggestions have ranged from an enigmatic underwater mountain, a fishing boat, a whale, a secret base nobody knows about, to a vessel from another planet that can both fly and travel through water.

SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel that claims to investigate UFO sightings and is followed by thousands of alien enthusiasts and UFO seekers, posted a video online (bottom of page).

The narrator of the video – Tyler – invited viewers to ‘bring some clarity to this situation’.

Underwater UFO off Antarctica coastWhat do you think it is? It is very big, underwater, and near the coast of Antarctica. (Image: YouTube)

Disturbance in the sea

Tyler said the image of the mysterious object had been recently sent to him by a viewer. The object is close to a place called Deception Island, which is near the coast of Antarctica.

Tyler said:

“I honestly don’t know what this thing is … I am not going to make any assumptions or anything like that. If anything, I’d just like some help from you guys, so we can try and figure out what it is we are seeing here.”

According to Tyler, the image clearly shows some kind of disturbance in the sea ‘as if something is coming up and going back into the water.’

He wonders whether it might be a type of creature or possibly a vessel.

Some YouTube viewers suggested it could be a giant squid or a whale. However, it would have to be a mega-huge creature to appear on a Google Earth image from so far away.

Underwater ufo Russian seasUnderwater UFO sightings are less common than those observed in the sky, clearly because more people are looking at the sky than under water. Claims of several sightings in the sea became public after the Russian navy declassified a large number of documents. (Image:

SecureTeam10 estimates that this UFO is about 140 feet (42.6 metres) long, which Tyler says would rule out a squid but not a whale.

One viewer, with the humble name of ‘Chadwick the Great’, wrote: “If you look at the history of that area on Google Earth, that spot is always there. This was the first time that there wasn’t cloud cover. If you zoom out you can see that this is the top of an underwater mountain.”

Regarding the glow, Helmitpeak wrote:

“The glowing is created when sea water is agitated from the phytoplankton in the water. When I was in the navy I would go to the aft part of the ship and watch the glowing trail left by the ships screws/propellers at night. It was mesmerizing to watch.”

Clearly an avid conspiracy theorist, Sneakerhunter26 made the following comment:

“I believe that here something is up that we don’t know about. I believe there’s a secret base in certain parts of this world, that’s heavenly guarded for sure. Like I said, it’s only a matter of time, but the day will come I know it will.”

Technically, if it is underwater it cannot be a UFO, which stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If it is underwater it is not flying. Perhaps it should be called a USO – Unidentified Swimming Object.

Over the past two years, at Market Business News we have received a considerably higher number of alleged UFO sightings and alien encounters, compared to previous years. Psychologists suggest that this increase is linked to the recent surge in sci-fi movies and series that have hit our screens, monitors and smartphones.

Video – Strange glowing UFO in sea off Antarctica

If you search ‘Deception Island’ on Google Earth you will eventually find this object after zooming in.