Great Reasons to Go Blonde This Summer

Go blonde this summer image 33They say blondes have more fun, but if you’re on the lookout for a new hair color, then why not put that saying to the test? Turning your hair blonde might seem like a bold step at first, but it’s really worth the effort, no matter if you do it yourself at home or have it dyed professionally. While going for blonde might seem easy, it’s also important to care for your bleached hair using the right products and guidelines. That said, let’s look into some of the reasons why you should give blonde hair a try this summer.

It marks the change of season

Many people live by the code of dyeing their hair light for summer and dark for winter. While you don’t have to dye your hair twice a year, every year, going blonde in the summer helps you get into the mindset that it’s time to enjoy the sun and warm days as much as you can.

You want to stand out from everyone else

If you’re a little bit shy and reserved, but want to break out of your shell, what could make a bigger statement than dyeing your hair blonde? People will take notice immediately and it could be the sort of life 180-degree turn you need to get started. Sometimes, we just want to try something different, so if you’ve not been having luck at job interviews, suffered a bad breakup, or about to go on the holiday of a lifetime, mark the beginning of something new by changing your hair to blonde.

You’ve spotted a few gray hairs

Although it’s nothing really to be ashamed about, some people still hate seeing a few gray hairs popping up. It might be that you’re just not ready to embrace the gray hairs and can’t handle them right now. If this is the case, go blonde and cover up those unwanted colors as long as you want.

Go blonde this summer 3333You simply want to live a little and try out new things

Some people resort to tattoos when they feel like they wish to break free of standards and what’s expected of them. Others love to switch up their hair. Bleaching your hair is a great look itself, but it’s often the starting point for other, more adventurous hair colors, such as bright red, deep blue, or even neon green. You could even go a little Katy Perry and start dyeing your hair different shades practically every few months.

You’re tired of your natural hair color

After looking at yourself in the mirror all these years and seeing the same hair color, it might be that you just want to see something different! A new haircut is one option, but if you already love your style, reaching for the bleach is the next best thing. Again, make sure you’ve properly read the instructions on the home hair dye kit or have booked an appointment at a hair salon to get the hair blonde.