Why Should You Integrate Google Ads into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?    

Reports show that over 96% of Google’s revenue is attributable to Google Ads. Integrating Google Ads into your marketing strategy can bring drastic improvements to your lead generation and sales generation rates. In this blog post, we will also show you how to buy reviews on Google.

Collaborating with a reputed Google Ads agency UK, is a smart move if you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. There are billions of websites and pages of interest today. A robust digital marketing strategy that incorporates all useful advertising tools is essential to ensure success and profits.

Integrate Google Ads into Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform that works on a pay-per-click model. Google allows users and advertisers to design advertisements based on their specific requirements and ideas. Stats show that people use Google around 3.5 billion times a day to search for information, products, and services.

Google Ads gives users a helpful way to capitalize on these searches and increase network traffic. As per the Google algorithm, advertisements are displayed above all other search results.

Internet users search for information and products using keywords. Google allows advertisers and marketers to place bids on specific keywords. You can make the maximum bid you plan on making based on your budget and marketing requirements. The three choices offered by Google are:

  • Cost-per-click or the amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ad
  • Cost-per-mille or the amount you are willing to pay per 1000 impressions
  • Cost-per-engagement or the amount you are willing to pay when the user performs an engagement boosting activity on your ad

An expert Google Ads agency in the UK can help you identify and integrate the correct type of options in your digital marketing campaign.

Why Use Google Ads

The most appealing feature of Google Ads is that you only have to pay if a user clicks on the ad. A click directly translates into increased network traffic. So Google Ads helps assure that the amount allotted to Google Ads from your marketing budget is not a futile investment. It works for businesses selling mainstream products and services and for niche businesses.

Helps Improve the Visibility of Your Website

In a way, integrating Google Ads into your website is similar to integrating SEO techniques. Both techniques use keywords to boost a website’s SERP rankings. However, Google Ads also helps improve the engagement rates of your website. When you use this tool, your webpage is displayed on top of search results. Prospective customers who are searching for your product are likely to click on the advertisement.

If your web content is convincing, there is a high chance that the user will buy your product or service. Studies show that Google Ads can yield an ROI of up to 800%. By incorporating Google Ads in your digital marketing campaign with the help of an experienced Google Ads agency in the UK, you are making use of the perfect opportunity to raise your conversion rates.

Over 93% of businesses on the internet use Google Ads to promote their products and services. Hence, it’s almost vital to use Google Ads to promote your business if you want to gain a marketing edge or even keep up with your competitors.

Tools to Create Targeted Advertisements

Google offers several tools to create targeted advertisements based on keywords, location, and demographic factors like age, gender, and ethnicity. If you have a solid digital marketing campaign with set goals and objectives, you can use Google Ads to accomplish those specific goals.

For instance, if one objective of your digital marketing campaign is to increase the sales of female casual footwear products that your business sells, you can use the tools to create and market an advertisement that targets potential female customers.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Campaign

Google also offers tools that will allow you to monitor and measure the success of your Google ads. You can find out exactly how many people clicked on your advertisements, how many users engaged with your business online, and how many people purchased your product or service. These tools will help you track your marketing goals and understand if your marketing budget is being put to good use.

You can try out different schemes and packages and modify your marketing strategy based on the success of each scheme or product.

Customer Support
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Google offers efficient customer support services to advertisers and marketers who use Google Ads. Google also offers tools like the My Client Center and Google Ads editor to edit and manage your digital marketing campaigns. If you face any issue with your advertisement, you can immediately reach out to the Google help center to resolve the issue.

Google Ads are Budget Friendly

Not all your marketing-related investments are likely to yield a definite return. However, Google Ads will help improve your network traffic rates, lead conversion, and sales generation rates. The use of Google Ads in your digital marketing campaign is essential to improve its success rate.

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