Google’s new Nexus by LG may have a fingerprint sensor

The Nexus stopped shipping earlier this year. However, there have been reports that there will be a return. In May there were rumours that LG and Huawei were working with Google on the next range of Nexus phones.

Leaked photo of the upcoming Nexus smartphone made by LG

Google Nexus LG 2015

An image leaked online of one of the next Google Nexus phones – posted by an Indonesian user on Google+.

The back of the alleged Nexus 5 phone that was photographed could offer some information on what specs to expect.

The phone has a protruding camera sensor as well as what looks like a circular fingerprint scanner.

The phone also features a large Nexus logo and a sticker with the LG logo.

According to Engadget, the LG Nexus may be slightly cheaper because of its plastic casing.

“It could mean that Google will take the Nexus back to its lower priced roots — LG’s original Nexus 5 was $349 (£223), while the Motorola Nexus 6 was $649 (£415),” the report said.

The other Nexus 6 smartphone, believed to be made by Huawei

There is also a video on the internet that shows what the new Huawei Nexus 6 may look like (see video below).

The video is reportedly based on “detailed blueprints for the device that were sent out to third-party accessory manufacturers ahead of the phone’s announcement,” according to The Irish Examiner.

The Huawei-made Nexus smartphone is believed to have a 5.7-inch QHD (1440x2560p) screen, 21MP rear camera and Rezence/WiPower wireless charging.

Google is expected to officially unveil the new phones later this year. They will also be the first phones to run on Google’s next version of its mobile OS, Android M.