Guide to Install Commercial Playground Swings

Swings are the most favorable playground equipment for many decades. It can be either the traditional swings or the most modern ones – all are equally enjoyable for kids of all ages. Hence, all playgrounds of schools and parks have few swings installed.

It isn’t easy to choose swings for the playground in the market there are ranges of swings available varying in sizes, makes, quality, colors, models, and price. You can have the best commercial playground equipment from one of the most popular online sellers Moduplay. They are the world’s best and are sure to provide the well-designed unique swings for your commercial playgrounds.

Here are a few swings seats quite suitable for your commercial playground: 

  • Bucket swing seat: It is mostly for kids who are learning to swing. One-year-old babies and toddlers are quite safe while seated in such seats. The seats are like buckets this support the baby from all sides. They are quite flexible and provide extreme safety.
  • Belt swing seats: They are traditional swings liked by even adults. It is easy to sit and quite exciting to swing.
  • Flat swing seat: Another traditional seat similar to the belt swing seat and is most favorite of older children and adults. It isn’t for beginners as need balance to sit safely.
  • Tire swings: Most common ones are found even tied under big trees. It promotes excitement as the child sits in the middle keeping their legs around the edges of a tire. The swing is fixed by three chains to balance the round shape of the swinging tire.
  • Raft swings: They are large in the shape of a raft and multiple riders can use them at the same time. The swings provide the feeling of seating in a water-raft and promote a unique feeling of excitement.
  • Inclusive swing seat: They are like a chair with a harness to hold the babies who are new to swinging.
  • Standing swing: It is for older children wanting the thrilling feeling of balancing their bodies while standing on the free-style swing.

Frames of the swings those are safe, durable, and easy to install:

  • A –frame: The two poles are arranged just like the shape of A. These two poles provide the required support to swing safely.
  • Tripod: The frame helps to hold multiple swings as they are capable to support heavy weight.
  • T-post: It is the horizontal pole that is supported by a single pole. The swings are fixed at the end of the horizontal post.
  • Arch-post: This kind of frame is usually like A-frames. The only difference is that the top of the frame is a little curved and looks trendy.

Installing swings is easier however you need to consider certain things. 

The age group of the children

Mostly, if there are all ages of kids coming into the playground, then best to add different kinds of swings that are safe for toddlers as well as thrilling swings for attracting older children.

The crowd will usually come at the same time. More children in the park mean the need for many swings.

Space is needed to install the swings. Swings need more space for safe play.

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