The Ultimate Guide for an Unforgettable Proposal

Your relationship is special and unique, so when it comes time to “pop the question” this is not the time for cookie-cutter proposals or engagement rings like everyone else. A truly outstanding marriage proposal shows your fiancée how unique and special she really is. Here are a few suggestions to make your proposal special, from exciting ways to propose to finding the most unique engagement rings.

The Ultimate Guide for an Unforgettable Proposal 121Scavenger Hunt

If your special lady enjoys surprises, consider giving her a trip down memory lane with a scavenger hunt proposal. Enlist the help of her sister or best friends to pick her up for a special day out, then lead her to a few places that are meaningful to your relationship. Along the way, leave notes or cards describing the significance of each place and the special memories you hold. Throw in a beauty salon appointment (hair and nails), and maybe even a quick stop at a boutique to pick out a new outfit.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, propose with a romantic view in the background and have all her friends and family members involved in planning the day there to celebrate with you.

Tip: Make sure you hire a photographer to capture that special moment when you propose.

Photos that capture the real ‘you’

Engagement pictures will be used in your engagement announcements and “save-the-date” cards. They will be placed in your photo albums and hang on your wall. Take the time to plan for the photo session that truly captures the essence of your relationship and engagement photos will hold priceless memories for years to come. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be true to yourself. Plan and style your engagement shoot around who you are as a couple. If your favourite thing to do a picnic in the park, do it! If you love dressing to the nines and champagne, do that. And if you’re all about snuggling up at home with a good series, why not have your engagement shoot at home?
  • Find a location that is special to you. Consider going back to the place where you first met, or where you got engaged.

An engagement ring unlike any other

The perfect engagement ring is an investment to a lifetime of happiness. Every time she looks at the ring, she will remember the care and effort you put into selecting this most perfect and distinctive ring. Choosing a romantic pink coloured diamond shows your fiancée that she is remarkable and deserves an engagement ring unlike any other. A pink diamond engagement ring is stylish and elegant and is sure to impress.

Diamonds are assessed on their four main attributes – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.  When it comes to colored diamonds, the most important of these is, of course, colour. Coloured diamonds get their hues from trace minerals present during their formation.

Natural pink diamonds - 433993944
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Pink diamonds range from pale to vibrant hues, oftentimes with hints of purple, orange or brown. Each stone is distinctive and unique.

  • You won’t find a pink diamond engagement ring in the corner jewelry shop, trust the diamond experts at Astteria to guide you through the buying process and select the stone that’s right for you

Did you know? Red and pink diamonds are the rarest of any coloured diamond. They’re only found in mines in Africa, Australia, and Brazil.


Proposing marriage is an exciting occasion and your chance to show the special lady in your life that you truly care. Your relationship is full of special places and moments which can be incorporated into your proposal and engagement photos. When choosing an engagement ring, consider a stunning pink diamond engagement ring, whose beauty surpasses traditional clear diamonds. An amazing proposal will start you off to a lifetime of happiness.


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