Health Insurance in The Netherlands: A Booming Business

In recent months, it has become clear that good healthcare is an essential need in times of crisis. With the current pandemic making millions of people sick, health insurance has become more and more important.

In the Netherlands, having health insurance is required by law. And although the insurance itself isn’t free, the Dutch get financial compensation from the government which can cover basic health insurance. This often results in people getting a premium, more expensive health insurance because that still won’t cost them a lot of money while giving them more financial security in the case of illnesses and accidents.

Taking into account that Dutch people are known to be very careful with their money, it is only logical that there is a lot of competition in consumer markets in the country. This is also the case with insurance companies and in an extension of that; health insurance. There are lots of different health insurance providers and they all cover different expenses, have different rates, and have different own risks. And with a lot of people needing healthcare in situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic, companies are doing everything they can to gain as many new customers as possible to maximize profits. This results in a lot of big and small insurance providers that are competing for people’s attention.

Because there is a lot of diversity and offerings In the Dutch health insurance market, it can be quite overwhelming to select the right one. On sites such as, people can compare all the health insurance providers at once and see what is the best fit for them. With dedicated pages to see all insurances and compare them all at once, like on, customers can make a better decision when choosing something as important as health insurance.

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