How Have Hearing Aids Improved As Technology Advances?

We’re living in a more digitally-driven world than ever before. The technology we have access to continues to advance and offer more superior features than we anticipated, from the intelligent Amazon Alexa to smart banking apps and much more in between. So how have technological advancements impacted hearing aids?

Well, improved technology is making hearing aids more advanced than ever, helping to improve the quality of life for those that need them. Here, we explore some of the most interesting improvements in hearing aid technology over the years.

Hearing Aids and Artificial Intelligence

An exciting development has been the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in hearing aids, which aims to improve performance for each individual user. Essentially, hearing aids with AI are able to collect data about the person’s usage, such as their preferred sound control settings. They may also be able to pick up when the person enters certain environments – such as quiet spots or noisy places – and automatically change their settings to best suit the space. As the hearing device starts to learn about user preferences it can make adjustments independently, so people don’t have to spend time continually adjusting their aids.

Hearing Aids and Smartphone Connectivity

Many manufacturers are now building hearing aids with smartphone connectivity capabilities, usually through apps. This makes it easier than ever for people to make adjustments to their hearing aid settings, as they can simply open the app on their phone or tablet and make any changes as necessary. Another benefit of smartphone connectivity is it allows you to easily check when the battery is running low, so you can plan when to pop it on the charger. This avoids the battery dying in a situation when the hearing aid is urgently needed.

Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Technology

Another great development in hearing aids is the integration of Bluetooth technology. Through Bluetooth, users can connect their hearing aids with another device like a smartphone, computer or TV. Then, sound can be streamed directly from the device to the hearing aid, allowing people to chat to friends on the phone or listen to music via the hearing aid. Of course, this is highly convenient for hearing aid wearers and unlocks a huge amount of opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible in previous generations.

If you’re interested in upgrading your current hearing aid to a more advanced system, or you’re concerned that your hearing is deteriorating, it may be worth seeing a specialist. Companies like Phonak can help you locate an audiologist and organize an appointment to get support with any hearing issues you have, as well as guidance on solutions that will be best for you.

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