How Have Refrigerators Completely Changed Over the Years?

Two renowned brands Kelvinator and Frigidaire launched the first home refrigerators in the USA in 1918. Since then, they have evolved significantly in terms of technology and aesthetics. In the 1920s, the refrigerators were called monitor-top, and they had one door.

In the latter part of that century, a double door fridge was introduced with a separate compartment for frozen foods. Similarly, several brands came into existence with their offering of varieties of refrigerators with top-line features and improved durability.

Following are some of the most advanced innovations that modern refrigerators are equipped with.

1. Convertible refrigerator

The conventional double door fridge is replaced with a closet like multi-door refrigerator. However, optimizing such fridges is not easy. For instance, you may sometimes not have anything to store in the freezer section. In this scenario, you can convert the freezer into a fridge within an hour or so.

Brands like LG and Samsung have introduced such refrigerators that allow you to convert the freezer into a fridge or vice versa and shut off the compartment altogether for the time being. Moreover, these fridges also come with different modes that suit almost every purpose like extra fridge mode, vacation mode, normal mode, season mode, home alone mode, etc.

These particular refrigerators are also called dual refrigerators.

2. Ice Beam Door for instant cooling

Over the years, this innovation was introduced in the cooling technology for double door fridge as well as single door ones alike. In the latest models, the cooling vents are placed strategically to ensure uniform air circulation inside the fridge.

For instance, a leading brand, Haier launched a 360 degrees Air Flow technology that helps to maintain even temperature and uniform cooling. Similarly, Whirlpool also came up with 3D cooling technology that does the same thing.

3. Improved power backup

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations are common in India, and the situations are even worse in distant towns and villages. Thus, most top brands launch their new double door fridge models with technologies like cooling gel, insulated capillary, cooling wall, and several other protective measures.

For instance, cooling gel releases cool gas to keep the food fresh inside the fridge for prolonged hours during a power cut. It also safeguards the refrigerators against frequent voltage fluctuations with its in-built voltage stabilizer. Brands like Samsung, Godrej, and Whirlpool are some of the brands that offer these fridges.

4. Energy savings mode

The characteristic of the best refrigerators is also determined by its power consumption. To ensure this aspect, select brands introduced digital inverter technology that effectively reduces the compressor’s power consumption. A brand like LG claims that its Inverter Linear compressor saves up to 32% energy by adjusting cooling power.

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Besides all the basic features, prospective buyers also look for the latest technologically upgraded models with customized and spacious interiors. These futuristic refrigerators not only feature as a necessary kitchen appliance but also add a unique dimension to the overall aesthetics of your house interiors.

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