How To Advertise your Bail Bonds Business

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A business such as one involved in bail bonds needs to maximize every marketing opportunity. Here are some ways to tap into a new client base. Go over them and you might find a particularly good creative tactic that gives you a competitive edge.  

Giveaways: This is a common strategy but still worth a try. Get the word out on your agency’s name by having your logo and tagline placed on some common office products (mugs, pens, or maybe even the usual potted cactus) and send them as friendly tokens to businesses. Have a bit of due diligence and carefully pick the establishments you would visit.

Run targeted Facebook ads: Physical collaterals can only reach so much, and television or radio ads reach another listener segment too. Enter Facebook and its new specially focused social media ads. These are arguably a powerful way to zero in on your exact target market. The ad setup of Facebook enables you to select a specific set of social media users based on their demographics, such as the city of residence, interests, work, age, etc.

Sponsor a local athletic team: Almost year-round, many school and recreational leagues welcome selected sponsors for their towels, uniforms, water bottles or other equipment. This brings your company not only before the public eye but adds to your reputation as a contributor to the community.

Plan and execute a foray into social media: Social media is apparently the in-tool now in bail agent marketing. Your business needs to be visible online and be closer to your industry members and clients across various social media platforms.

Write informative article about bail: A lot of websites (who definitely need fresh content regularly) welcome guest bloggers in exchange for the small price of a mention of the blogger’s company name in the blogger’s author bio; moreover, if you as blogger are lucky enough, the site will allow you to insert not just a company name but a link to your site. Examples of articles you or your writer could take are how-to guides on navigating the world of bail. Explore more details here to learn more about bail bonds.

Keep in touch with past clients: Now this might seem out of place, but let your old clients know you are within reach if they need you again. Writing pens, just to start, would be subtle but handy reminders.

Know the pertinent laws: Otherwise, there is the risk of you getting arrested. For example, a 2010 arrest highlighted the risky move of mass mailing fliers to the county jail and soliciting attorney referrals.

Before any marketing campaign whatsoever, check what you could do under state law. Some states do not allow some tactics of bail bond agents in promoting their services.

Some last words: But why tire yourself out, when it is possible to buy a rock-solid business? Bail bond companies are often family-run. It isn’t often that they are put up for sale. But the next time you feel or think there is an opportunity, here are some good questions to ask:

  • How can you grow the company’s current market share?
  • Is the business expanding or contracting?
  • Are you capable of handling the company’s relations with lawyers and other stakeholders who can feed referrals to clients?
  • Will the sellers be around to introduce you to clients past and present as the successor?

Bail agents do well to look into brand awareness. What could be the key to new gains is innovative marketing strategies to help you discover a bigger and sometimes more fruitful client-base.

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