How to Avail the 30-Day Netflix Free Trial

Netflix has stopped offering its free trial for 30 days since December 2019. In addition, this streaming giant has changed its strategy and removed its free trial offer in many countries worldwide.

However, subscribers are free to change their Netflix plans or cancel online at any time without cancellation fees, if you see that Netflix doesn’t meet their streaming needs.

How to Get the 30-Day Netflix Free Trial

If Netflix does not offer any free trial in your country like Australia, UK, Canada, it will help if you switch Netflix region by using a VPN service.

You need to connect to a VPN server in the region where free Netflix trials are available such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Uzbekistan, and more.

Follow this Netflix free trial hack for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create your account for a reliable VPN and Connect to a server in Uzbekistan
  2. Opencom or Netflix app
  3. Provide your email id and click on 30 Days Free Trial.
  4. Create your password and click View Programs
  5. Select a program and provide your billing details.
  6. Hit Start Membership option
  7. Enjoy a 30-day Netflix trial for free!

The image above shows our testing of connecting to a Uzbekistan sever to watch Manifest on Netflix.

In Which Countries is the Netflix Free Trial Available?

The free trial of Netflix is ​​still available in some countries like Switzerland, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and others to attract new viewers.

However, it is impossible to predict whether these regions will continue to receive free trial offers or suffer from cancellation. Besides, check out this guide to know how to watch Netflix from abroad.

Which Countries Do Not Have a Free Netflix Trial?

Netflix has removed many countries when it offers its free trial. Includes United States, Australia, Finland, Italy, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Qatar, Poland, Thailand and Canada.

As a result, residents of these countries cannot have 30 days to enjoy free content on SVoD. Despite this, there is still a way where you can enjoy the free trial of Netflix.

Other ways to get Netflix Free in your region

You can still watch Netflix content at no cost. Here are some very useful ways to stream Netflix for free from anywhere in the world.

  • Get Netflix credentials from Family and Friends members.
  • Watch Netflix titles on YouTube.

Netflix Pricing Plans

Netflix offers three pricing plans. All Netflix plans you access to entire collections of movies and shows. However, if you want to watch in 4K quality, you need to buy a premium subscription. The price of each plan is given below.

Wrapping Up

Netflix has removed its free trial in many countries, including Germany, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. However, you can enjoy Netflix’s free trial by changing your region using a reliable, trusted VPN connection!

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