How to Create a Review Page That Is Helpful to Your Business and Ranks Well in Search Engines

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In a world of AI generated web content and constantly shifting parameters for best practices in web design and content creation, it can be easy to let your optimization strategies slide. And with so many new guidelines to keep up with, some marketers find themselves overwhelmed by the need to keep up with—and preferably outdo—the competition.

We’re here to help, with our expert guide to the latest and greatest web optimization techniques. We’ll discuss what Google is looking for, how to make sure your site design is working for, not against, you, and why reviews might just be the centerpiece of a successful optimization strategy.

Make Your Site Design Work For You

First things first—if your site design isn’t accurately anticipating user intent, you’re likely letting valuable traffic fall through the cracks. Your site should be highly functional and never frustrating, offering a wealth of accurate, in depth information without presenting visitors with a wall of text.

This approach to content design needs to work for search engines, but critically it must also work for users. All the keyword optimization in the world won’t be useful if human users click through to find a site that feels like it was designed with bots in mind. But how can you pack in all the detail you need without retaining that human voice and authenticity? The answer may surprise you: product reviews.

Why Reviews Matter

These days, no matter what your product is, chances are there are a few—or more than a few—imitators who are competing for the same customer base. With so many options for discerning consumers to choose from, your site needs to stand out. And you have an obvious bias when it comes to your own content, meaning that any detail you provide seems suspect. 

But your customers have no such bias. Other consumers instinctively trust their unbiased opinions. If you solicit reviews from satisfied customers, you’ll have a well of useful text to draw from that will naturally feature your desired keywords, without coming off as overly sales-y or false.

If you don’t have a robust strategy for soliciting and sharing customer feedback, having a blogger or other recognized expert write a keyword packed product review is a great place to start. A named writer seems like an outsider to potential customers visiting your site, and their comprehensive, and seemingly unbiased opinion, can help move the needle on a purchase decision. 

When Online Reviews Work—and When They Don’t 

So how do you make sure your review pages strike the right note? A helpful beginning is to take the time and look at other brands that do it right. 

VEGAMOURs gro serum review page is a great example of a successful review page. The once nice vegan beauty brand has grown over the past few years into a true competitor in the D2C beauty marketplace, and a strong review strategy is responsible for no small part of their success.

If you take a look at their review page, you’ll notice that it starts with a lengthy review by a named blogger, who identifies herself as a beauty and wellness writer and avid shopper. She then breaks down the advantages of the product point by point, hitting all the critical keywords and featuring feedback from real VEGAMOUR users to underscore her authority.

However, if your review page is less than well designed, you risk alienating customers. Keyword optimization can’t come at the expense of a well written, and human feeling, review that accurately captures the way a potential consumer would hope your product will improve their life. Balancing high converting language with a human touch is the key to creating a review page that works for you.

How to Improve Your Online Reviews, Following Google’s Latest Guidelines

Google’s guidelines for success are constantly changing, but if you’re ready to improve your review page, here are the latest tips you’ll need to follow:

  • Establish your expertise 

The concept of E-A-T, or expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, has always been central to Google’s site rankings. With this new update, these parameters are more important than ever.

  • Write more informative, lengthier reviews

To help improve your website’s rankings, detail is the key. The product reviews update, is designed to prioritize this type of lengthier content, and reward it with traffic.

  • Give detailed and accurate descriptions

When launching their latest update, Google said that they know users are looking for product reviews that offer in-depth research, rather than merely summarizing. 

  • Describe what makes your product stand out—and keep it up to date

The latest, most detailed information on your product will drive traffic most effectively to your site. Write in depth and clear reviews with information on the latest version.

  • Include the positives and the negatives 

Last but not least, it’s important to avoid the appearance of bias, and that means including a few negatives. This will make your reviews feel authentic and grounded. 

By following these guidelines, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Now get reviewing!