How to Grow Your Storage Without Growing Your Spend

Having enough storage is essential, whether you are an individual, company or business. Some services cost an arm and a leg, so it is important to route out the most cost-effective storage for your documents, this will probably be the cloud in almost every case.

Cloud accounting

Save money with cloud storage

In the long run, even if you end up spending some money on cloud migration or services that will initially help you move your data and documents over to the cloud, it will be worth it in the long run. This can also be a gradual process, it doesn’t have to be completed all at once. If you already have lots of documents it’s a good idea to make sure they’re all in folders and neatly stored before migrating them over to the cloud. Another tip is to clear out your files, photos and videos; this seems obvious, but many find unwanted documents or files they actually no longer need when they take the time to look.

Remember, cloud storage lasts a lifetime, so look at it as an investment. It doesn’t cost anything to run and you know your data will be safe and securely protected if you use cloud computing. Some cloud storage services offer free gigabytes when you sign up, so lookout for the best deals on the market. When you research, you will find buying physical storage or hardware is pretty expensive and cloud storage will always come out as the cheaper option; if you measure per gigabyte, it will beat the price of using external drives.

Why use cloud storage?

There are many benefits of cloud storage and cost-effectiveness is one of the main ones. If you’re looking to save money as a business, for example, you might be looking to let your employees work remotely, this will save you the cost of running an office, paying bills, and perhaps transport to work. For this to be viable, you will need some basics in place, one of these could be cloud storage.

A huge advantage to the cloud is everyone can save, open, download, and generally access the same folders and documents on the cloud. The cloud can be used on your mobile phone and tablet as well as on your laptop and computer! It’s worth bearing in mind WiFi and a decent internet speed is needed for cloud storage to sync.

For those of you looking to maximize your cloud storage options and modernize your business infrastructure, the cloud is ready and waiting for you. You won’t spend too much money either! We hope this has helped you weigh up your options when it comes to saving and storage. The first steps when moving over to cloud storage will include organizing migration, training staff on the cloud service you choose, and generally getting your head around how it works.

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