How to Mail Postcards with QR Codes on Them?

Integrating QR code in direct mail is a smart approach to interact with the audience on a whole new level. The concept of QR code is nothing new to the marketing world but the use cases have evolved over time. Instead of sending boring and dull QR codes, now marketing campaigns combine these codes with postcards. Most of your potential customers have already received the printed advertisement with some sort of QR code on it. The idea was to fill the gap between online browsing and direct mail. Postcards with QR codes did the job perfectly.

How to Mail Postcards with QR Codes on them?

Postcards have been in the play for a quite long with impressive engagement. The use of postcard printing and mailing service allows businesses to design postcards online, print and mail them. Any type of postcard can be designed with custom QR codes on them. Every card can have the same or different QR codes and every code carries some sort of detail or instructions.

Upon scanning, the QR code on the postcard can direct the user to any URL, webpage, product page, video, or location on the map. The whole process of creating postcards with QR codes on them can be done through different APIs and online programs.

Once the postcards with QR codes are ready, you can mail postcards online. This feature allows the business to automate the complete printing and mailing process. Mailing a postcard for personal or professional use has never been so easy. All you have to do is to design a customized postcard and unique QR code that can be created with a qr code generator with desired information for your business.

Enhance Direct Mail Campaign with Customized Postcards

The postcards are great at grabbing the attention of the reader but no one has the time to manually search your website on the internet. The majority won’t even bother to type the company URL in the search bar. If they did not perform the desired action, what’s the point of investing in a marketing campaign at all?

Businesses can mail postcards online by generating QR codes for every card. The QR code can be direct to the company website or any other URL. Not only do your postcards grab the user’s attention but also got the job done. Marketing needs to be simple where the audience does not have to put effort into knowing about the company.

Track Direct Mailing Campaign with QR Code

There are several marketing campaigns are going on at the same time. Tracking the results of direct mail can be hard in such situations. QR code integration makes it easy for marketers to distinguish the traffic generated through direct mail.

The whole process of generating QR codes and designing and printing postcards may seem hectic but it is not. The online APIs allow the non-techy personnel to use the professional tools to benefit from direct mail. Everything is automated and designed to ease the job of marketers and business managers. Unleash the power of smart technologies for your business and grow with online marketing solutions.

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