How to migrate to Australia?

Annually on July 1, the lists of in-demand occupations are published by the Australian Dept of Immigration and Border Guard. With the help of this, a person can obtain a professional visa by proposing his candidacy for a demanded profession in the labor market. There are also several directions in this category of Australian visa for immigration:

  • independent;
  • Immigration with sponsorship of the territory;
  • sponsored by a relative;
  • employer sponsored;

Each destination has its own rules for the Immigration Office in Australia. Independent immigration presupposes the availability of the required profession, which must be confirmed by the Australian Independent Evaluation Commission. At the same time, you need to score another 65 points in the program.

Types of immigration in Australia

Territory sponsored  — here the list of professions is broader, but there are footnotes for each profession. Also, the profession should be directly on the list for sponsorship specifically in the state of your choice. Sponsorship gives plus 5 points to the mandatory 65 for the right to live in cities, or plus 10 for the right to live outside the major cities of Australia. So how to be an immigrant in Australia?

Relative sponsored immigration to Australia is identical to the sponsorship theory option, only here a relative is involved and no additional points are awarded. Family migration entitles family members of citizens of the country or its residents to obtain a visa. The subclass of the visa is determined by the degrees of kinship, special circumstances. This category also has its own ways of obtaining a visa:

  • parental;
  • child’s;
  • visa for the groom or the bride;
  • spousal, sometimes they say as a partner;
  • visa of the last relative;

Business immigration to Australia accommodates interested people in the business field. There are short term, long term and permanent visas. With their help, you can buy a business, create or develop on the theory of Australia. Also in this category there is a subspecies that is aimed at investing in the economy.

What are the requirements for migration to Australia?

People of different interests, ages, qualifications and needs want to migrate to Australia, but there are some requirements, without which you will not be able to get there. How to migrate to Australia:

  • To become the owner of an existing business in the country or open a new one. The company’s turnover must be at least $ 300 thousand per year, while the company must employ two or more citizens of the country who are not relatives of the businessman.
  • To be a successful top manager, leader or manager of a large enterprise in the territory of the country of residence.
  • The information on the activity for the last 4 years is taken into account.
  • Invest in assets $ 1.5 million (purchase of government bonds).
  • The total assets of the applicant must be at least $ 2.5 million.
  • Experience in investment management is a must.

We advise you to choose your path that best suits your desires, goals, and opportunities in order to become an Australian immi.

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