How to Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal

“Will you marry me?”

Those four words are the dream of every lady. They imagine it while they sleep. They talk about it with their friends. And in their heads, they have this perfect picture of how they would like the big question to be popped.

Now, that means one thing for you as the guy: That you have to live up to your woman’s expectations.

How can you plan the perfect marriage proposal? Find out below.

  • Decide on a location: Make it sentimental

One thing every lady wants is for the big question to be popped at a sentimental location. In other words, a place that means something to them.

This could be a replica of a fantasy location from her favorite novel, a city from her favorite TV Show, the restaurant you had your first date, the place you first said ‘I love you,’ or the spot where you first met.

Popping the question at this kind of location will definitely hit her differently. As you can imagine, it will bring back some good, old memories in her head, which will help prepare her for what’s to come.

  • Ensure the ring is symbolic

The whole point of planning a marriage proposal is to present a ring to your sweetheart. In that case, you have to ensure the ring is worth the occasion.

Of course, you don’t have to break the bank to get a mind-blowing engagement ring. You just need to get creative with your selection. For example, you can opt for something different like a diamond engagement ring instead of the regular gold rings everybody buys. 

Besides the material, another important consideration is the ring’s design. For this case, you also want to get something symbolic and unique. For instance, instead of getting a regular engagement ring that doesn’t have many stand-out features, you can go for something like this pear shaped engagement ring. At first glance, you can see how the ring looks like a teardrop. 

In the context of marriage, that teardrop shape of the diamond will symbolize ‘tears of joy.’

  • Bring family and friends along

Some guys are cool with popping the question in public spaces surrounded by unknown strangers. Kudos to them. That is absolutely cool. 

However, a better approach would be to do it in front of family and friends – people who know and love you guys. That way, your woman will get genuine love, hugs, and lots of congratulatory remarks.

Of course, you won’t make her realize these people are around at first. Otherwise, she will suspect that something is going down, which might ruin the surprise. 

For starters, you can ask family and friends to stay at some far distance. Then after popping the question, you can signal to them to come over. Another option is hiring the help of WEDDING PLANNER TORONTO to help you organize the logistics behind the surprise engagement.

  • Get a pro photographer

Your marriage proposal is never complete without a professional photographer. Professional photographers are skilled and experienced in capturing the best moments of any event.

Even if you have the most sophisticated phone or digital camera, you can’t beat the works of pro photographers. Because you simply don’t have the things they have – experience, know-how, and equipment.

From the minute you walk into the proposal spot to the moment you go down on your knees to the part where you bring out the ring, you can trust a pro photographer to capture everything without missing one moment.

Besides the “unaware” and “random” shots they take, pro photographers can also suggest amazing poses for your soon-to-be-produced photo catalog.

In short, they help you document every occurrence on the day in a magnificent manner.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of music

Music has the inherent tendency to transform any environment. Therefore, it’s a crucial piece you cannot ignore in your marriage proposal plans.

Do you guys have a song you both enjoy? Do you have any song that reminds you of something/someplace? What about your first dance together? Can you remember the song that got your sweetheart groovy the most?

Playing a sweet tune in the background can go a long way in setting the tempo for the action. 

Finally, as a rule, make sure the music is strictly low tune and slow tempo. It’s a marriage proposal, not a bash party, remember.

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