How to Use QR Codes to Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

An effective e-commerce plan may be implemented with the use of QR codes. All you need to do is create a QR code and let people scan it with a QR reader, as these are efficient marketing tools that combine your online and offline channels. 

However, many marketers are new to the world of QR codes. It can be difficult for them to see their potential fully. Like many other small firms, if you still need to find out how to include them in your marketing strategy. So, this article is for you. 

This article discusses how to use QR codes to boost your business.  But first, we need to get familiar with QR codes. Let’s get started!

What are QR codes?

A Quick Response (QR) code is an easy way for people to share hyperlinks and text information in a small format. This unique code is readable by any device with the appropriate camera/code reader. 

The common method of scanning a QR code is by a QR code scanner application which we can easily utilize in our smartphones.

Small businesses should be taking advantage of these opportunities. Our smartphones are an ever-present tool in our daily lives, making them an ideal method for sharing information quickly and easily.

How to Use QR Codes For Marketing?

Using Quick Response (QR) codes in mobile devices can instantly read or scan the code, which is known as QR code marketing. Smartphone users can quickly access URLs, product brochures, mobile applications, and associated information by scanning a QR code with a single scan, eliminating the need to enter the necessary information. 

Different sectors can benefit from QR code marketing. Virtual shopping, non-contact product sales, and social media promotion are all common QR code applications.

Here are some of the beneficial uses of QR codes for marketing purposes:

Facilitate Location Tracking

Many people struggle to locate a certain establishment, especially if unfamiliar with the area or a large city. Create a location QR code to solve this issue and make it simpler for customers to locate your store. 

With today’s advanced technology, using web maps is simple. Thanks to these technologies, we can use our smartphones to navigate fast and effortlessly. These maps display the location of the place we wish to visit and tell us which route to take from where we are right now. 

These sophisticated features on the maps help reduce the likelihood of getting lost by continuously tracking our location. Your business may benefit greatly from creating a QR code that includes a web map so that clients can scan the QR code online and easily find your restaurant or store.

Make Shopping from E-Commerce Easier

In most cases, QR codes are used by businesses for discounts and promotions. It is also possible for consumers to receive receipts and menus via their phones by scanning a unique QR code, and they pay the bill by scanning the QR code with a QR reader.

As long as your call-to-action (CTA) is clear, you can create an effective QR code strategy for your marketing campaign. You shouldn’t leave your QR code user to guess what it does.

For testing whether the QR code is giving the right customer data, you can run multiple tests on different devices, 

Using QR codes will be pointless if the testing fails. As well as internet connectivity restrictions, QR codes have other restrictions as well. Verify whether QR codes can be used in such an environment before using them.

Distribute Discount Coupons 

Customers and users are always fond of cheap coupons. Therefore, you must start offering coupons whether you own a retail firm or an online store and want to boost sales. You can inform readers through your blogs by giving specific information about any product. 

While there are many advantages to coupon marketing, it can be difficult to practice for physical stores catering to offline customers. You must distribute printed coupons. 

To fill this gap and make it simple for users to use coupons, use a QR maker for coupons. People who scan the QR code are directed to a page that displays coupons and includes buttons to redeem them. You can update the coupon as necessary to provide users with a tailored experience. 

Coupon QR codes should be printed on any physical coupons you offer. The discount can be quickly redeemed by scanning the QR code with a smartphone. We hope this article might be useful for you.

Enable Direct App Downloading

Your users will be directed to the app’s download page once you scan the QR code with a code scanner. QR codes made by businesses are eye-catching because of their creativity. Some popular apps, such as Angry Birds, use QR codes for marketing purposes.

Additionally, apps often use QR codes to foster engagement within their communities. Snapchat and other social media apps have created QR codes for users to add people easily.

You might not know, but Spotify recently released QR codes for its songs. The QR code can be scanned to share or recommend music. The device will automatically display the song when you scan it.


We hope that now you are familiar with the term QR codes and how to use them to boost your business. Above, we have briefly discussed some beneficial uses of QR codes for marketing purposes. 

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