Importance of CCTV Cameras in Schools

We all know the importance of having CCTVs in our houses and businesses. But, have we ever thought about the importance of CCTV cameras in schools? is a reliable cctv supplier in Selangor. With everything that is happening in our world nowadays, there is no place we can consider safe. As adults, we may know some things to do in case of an emergency or if something bad happens. But, what about our children? We cannot ensure their safety when they are not with us. Hence, the importance of CCTV cameras in schools.

Why are CCTV Cameras in Schools Important

Schools are widely considered children’s second home. Not just students, but also the teachers and other school staff working in schools. Thus, ensuring their security and safety is a must. One of the best ways to do this is to install CCTV cameras. Here are the other reasons why CCTV cameras in schools play such an important role.

Ensures Safety

As mentioned earlier, there is no place we can consider safe nowadays. Anything can happen, even inside schools. Having CCTV cameras in schools can surely improve security and safety in schools. CCTV can see what is happening before, during, and after class. Here are examples of the worst things that may or may not happen in schools.

The first example is about teachers. We all know that teachers are our children’s second parents. They teach children to be academically successful. They also teach them other important values in life. But, some teachers abuse the authority that they have. There are some incidents where teachers use their authority to abuse students. It can be physical, mental or emotional abuse. It can be difficult to prevent these kinds of traumatic incidents. With the help of CCTV cameras in schools, these incidents can be prevented easily.

Students are the second example. In school, children study with other students. Some of these students can be their friends that can help them achieve their goals and be better people. Some can be acquaintances whom they will see and get along with in school. And, there are some students who will intimidate others whom they see as vulnerable. These students are called bullies. They harm other students through physical and verbal attacks.

If not monitored properly in school, things can get worse. These bullies will have the power to do whatever they want and to whoever they want. And the worst thing that can happen to a parent is to know someone has harmed their children. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional, it is difficult for parents to catch the culprits red-handed.

Everything can be better if schools install CCTV cameras. There will be footage of what is happening inside and outside its compound. Bullies will not have the confidence to do what they want. They will be aware that they are being monitored. And with this, bullying can be minimized and totally stopped.

The third example is about schools. Schools are one of the busiest places. Students, teachers, and other school staff who are working in schools are constantly moving. They go from one place to another to study, work or maybe get some rest. With this, it is quite difficult to track everyone. It is difficult to notice if someone has trespassed inside the school.

There is a huge possibility of crimes happening in the school vicinity. Some of these are theft, vandalism, hostage-taking and kidnapping. These can happen if schools are not monitored properly. In the past years, people realized the importance of having CCTV cameras. These CCTV cameras help security personnel. It enables them to watch large open spaces like schools remotely. Thus, the importance of CCTV cameras.

Supports Professionalism

Having CCTV cameras in schools is not only for security and safety but also improves people’s professionalism. The presence of CCTV cameras in schools gives the students, teachers, and other staff working in the school accountability. It makes them accountable for what they do every day inside the school premises. It also serves as a gentle reminder to everyone in schools that professionalism is important. 

Bullying, harassment, abuse and vandalism can lead to a child’s trauma and scars in his memories. This can affect the child’s health, academic development, and future endeavors. On the other hand, false accusations can also happen to other students, teachers and school staff in school. This can threaten their reputation and affect their current and future careers. 

CCTV cameras can ensure that none of this will happen. When allegations and harassment arise, CCTV cameras can help. The recorded footage of CCTV cameras can provide solid and objective proof. This can serve as accurate evidence and help the victims. This can put an end to all kinds of abuses and bullying as well.

Provides Assurance

Things can be tough for students when they are aware that they can be a victim of crime anytime inside the school. This can give them a hard time focusing on their studies and be a hindrance to their success. 

Allowing children to study in schools without CCTV is one of the challenges for all parents.

CCTV cameras can provide assurance to students and parents. Knowing that there is a security device around the school can gain the students’ and parents’ trust. It can give the students relief and confidence that there is a security system inside the school. Thus, making them study more comfortably and achieve better grades. It can also give parents peace of mind. It can let them know that schools are a safe place for their children to be in.


CCTV cameras are common nowadays. You can see it in public and private establishments. You can see it when you buy groceries, eat out and go to work. It has been one of the necessities of our lives. 

Prevention is better than cure. It doesn’t only apply to medicines and vitamins. It also applies to security and safety. MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia helps people protect properties and prevent crimes. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact or visit us at

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