Important Tips for Mailing Paper Checks

Nowadays, you can make almost any payment without using paper checks. Venmo and Zelle allow you to pay bills online, use credit cards for shopping or mobile apps, and send money directly to friends and family.

Many people and businesses still use paper checks to conduct business. While mailing a paper check to the United States can be a safe practice, there is a risk that the check will get lost or stolen. The thieves can use the checks to find your routing and bank account numbers.

Tips for mailing paper checks

Follow these steps the next time you send a payment in the mail to ensure it reaches its intended recipient.

Limit the paper check

You can limit the deposit of a check to the account of its intended recipient. This will improve the security. Just write “For Deposit Only,” where the signature would be on the backside of the check. This method is not foolproof as the bank teller may miss it or ignore it.

It can make it more difficult for a thief to cash a check or give it to someone else without leaving any paper trail.

Check mailing today requires careful consideration to ensure they arrive securely and on time, making an online check writer an invaluable asset. Features and functionalities like automated address verification, batch printing capabilities, and tracking features make the check-writing process more efficient while offering greater peace of mind for senders and recipients alike.

Use a security envelope for checks

Some envelopes have a thin, transparent layer that makes it easier to see if they have a check. Consider purchasing security envelopes intended to hide your mail’s contents. You can use a folded sheet of paper to enclose your checks if you don’t already have them.

Drop off the mail at a secure location

You can be robbed of your mail if you leave it in an unlocked mailbox. Consider dropping off your check at a secure place the next time you mail one. You can drop the mail off at a post office, in a locked mailbox, or directly to the mail carrier.

Send the check via certified mail

Send the check certified mail if you want to ensure it arrives at the desired destination. You will need someone to sign the check upon delivery. The receipt will serve as proof of delivery.

Consider signing up for a credit and identity monitoring plan if you want an additional layer of security after mailing a paper check. You’ll receive real-time fraud alerts and access to trained customer service agents familiar with identity theft and fraud.

Avoid sending cash or money orders

It is not recommended to send cash or money orders through the postal service, as they may be lost, damaged, or stolen before reaching the intended recipient.

Don’t Include Extra Details

Including personal information on checks, such as your Social Security number, credit card number, driver’s license, or phone number, is standard. However, this can make it easier for criminals to misuse the information.

Track your Checks

It’s vital to track your checks once you’ve sent them. This will ensure that they arrive safely. You will receive tracking numbers allowing you to track the progress of your check-in in real time.

Tracking your checks will ensure they are processed, transferred from unit to unit, and arrive on time.

As businesses rely on paper checks for business purposes, accuracy and reliability must always be of utmost concern when mailing them out. One effective solution to speed this process up is using an online check writer.

Consider Other Payment Methods

It’s only sometimes safe to send a check by mail. Use one of these safe alternatives instead.

  • Bank Transfers
  • Pay your bills online through your bank
  • Use electronic transfer services 
  • Pay with debit or credit cards

Why Should You Take Precautions Before Mailing A Check?

Be cautious when sending a mail-order check to avoid sensitive information being stolen or fraud.

The Stolen Information Could be Sensitive

Even though checks are only sometimes lost or stolen during transit, thieves can still copy and store account details and other information. Avoid folding checks to minimize the risk.

Protection Against Fraud

Report the theft of your checks to your bank as soon as possible. You could be responsible for the total loss if you fail to report the theft.

Create Counterfeit Checks

Fraudulent transactions can be caused by counterfeit checks that scammers create using other people’s account information. Sending checks through the mail is a safe option, but taking steps to avoid these risks is essential.

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