Want to improve your email opt-ins? Read this

Email marketing image 4848989The current markets have become very volatile and competitive. Moreover, the attention span of the customers across the globe is reducing day by day and hence creating a customer base and keeping them engaged with your product updates and offers is very tricky and a tough job. Depending on the product that you plan to sell, if you don’t have a proper marketing strategy then your business is bound to collapse, and you will suffer severe losses. This is where email marketing will come to your benefit and you will be able to keep your customers up-to-date about your services and products. Once your customers have subscribed to your website, you can send them details about webinars, discounted promo codes, and exclusive access to newly launched products.

The email marketing strategy will help you in expanding your research, reach out to more customers, and keep them in sync with the recent updates in your products and services. Let’s discuss some methods that will help you in increasing the email opt-ins.

An irrefutable offer:

Consider your email address as a currency. If you are asking a customer to share their email address, a transaction is being performed and hence you must earn the privilege of sending an email notification to them. Hence, your counter offer should be of good value and act as a lead magnet. As per a study, customers around the world get about 269 billion emails daily and this number is set to increase to 320 billion by 2021. Hence, to grab the attention of a customer, your offer should be worth it. The 6 Principles of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini is a good starting point to create an effective strategy.

Opt-in links:

For your potential customers to easily access your company’s email opt-in link, social media posts highlighting this information is an easy option. You can even advertise with the help of Facebook ads or Instagram stories or other social media platforms. This will definitely be the fastest way to reach out to a larger audience and showcase your product and services to them.

Location and Timing:

Forcing a customer in towards subscription as soon as they enter your website would be a relationship killer. The timing of your offers and their location on your webpage determines the conversion rate. If the customer experience is good, then you are more likely to get subscriptions automatically. Hence, you should understand your customer’s behavior and focus on conveying your message at the right time and location.

Email opt-in button:

Imbed an email plugging option on your website that gives direct subscription to your customers. You should fit this option naturally in your website. Forcing your customer to fill-in the email plug-in option without giving them a preview of their product will disengage them from your website. Hence, give a detail though in designing your website so that the subscription option fits in organically.


Clickfunnels is a website and a sales pipeline builder for entrepreneurs. It guides your customer in a step-by-step fashion and takes them through the entire sales process. You get the option of showing the product webpage directly to the customer and following it up with him or her even if they have left your website. But all these services come at costs that are generally on the higher side and can increase the investment in your product. Here’s an amazing guide to create ClickFunnels Alternative.

Customer Engagements:

Get a collection of all the positive customer reviews and appreciation emails that your clients have sent across. Use this gold mine of data to showcase the quality of your product to entice potential customers. Do a brain storming session with your employees and try to use this information in creative and innovative ways to expand your customer base. You can also ask your existing customers to share your product details in their private circles.

Creating a large and strong family of customers isn’t a child’s play. The more disciplined you are in creating and executing your market strategy, the more clients will join your subscription. It is all about hitting the hammer at the right time when the metal is hot. Hope the above pointers would have given you some idea to reach to capture the attention of more clients. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.