5 Things You Need to Know About Instagram Growth

Instagram growth. A lot of people talk about it, but not everyone reaches their goals. It’s easy to believe that time and good content is all that it takes to grow an Instagram following. However, as Stormlikes explains, that’s not always good enough.

Instagram Growth image 32290888However, if you combine time and high quality content with a growth strategy, you’re more likely to make progress. And when that happens, you’re also more likely to stick with your plan (and reap the rewards over the long run).

With that in mind, let’s examine five things you need to know about Instagram growth.

  1. Consistency is Key

You won’t have much success on Instagram unless you post consistently. It’s the fresh content you share that not only brings you more followers, but also engages those that you already have (and keep them following your account). What does consistency mean? Well, this all depends on your niche, availability, and what you’ve found to work best.

Some of the world’s top Instagram influencers and brands post a minimum of once per day, while others only share new content a couple times per week. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. It all comes down to finding a posting schedule that works for you and your audience.

  1. There is Help to be Had

No one ever said you have to grow your Instagram account on your own. There is help to be had, such as by purchasing real, high quality followers.

When you combine this with the strategy you already have in place, you’re able to accelerate your growth. The key to success is choosing the right partner. ViralRace is an Instagram growth service that allows you to purchase real followers, thus giving your account the boost you’re seeking.

With ViralRace, since the followers are real, there is no concern over Instagram banning or suspending your account. They’ll simply assume that you’re gaining followers naturally, and that’s what you’re going for.

Tip: it’s okay to buy followers, but don’t rely on this as your sole method of growing your following. You should also experiment with other tactics, such as those detailed above. The more you do, the more success you’ll have.

  1. It Takes Quality Content

Take a look at the Instagram accounts of the top players in your industry. At first, you may not see anything special. Just images – as expected – with captions. But as you dig deeper, you’ll realize that these individuals and brands are putting a lot of time into achieving growth.

Answer these types of questions:

  • What makes their images special?
  • What makes their captions stand out in the crowd?
  • Which hashtags are they using?
  • Are they engaging with their audience in the comments section?

As you answer these questions during your review, you’ll find that the top players are spending more resources on Instagram than you previously believed. It’s not always easy to spot on the surface, but it’s there. So, make sure you get serious about the quality of the content you’re sharing.

  1. Mix It Up

There is nothing wrong with knowing the type of content that gets the best response and feeding it to your audience as often as possible. But there is something wrong with forgoing other types of content that could help boost your Instagram growth.

For example, fitness influencers can post one selfie after the next and receive a nice response in return. When they add other types of content, such as product reviews and videos, they take their following to the next level. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re mixing up your content is to create (and follow) a detailed content calendar.

Tip: as you mix up your content, pay close attention to the metrics associated with each type. This will help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and where you should spend your resources in the future.

  1. It Takes Time

Don’t assume that the biggest brands in your space started at the top. It simply isn’t true. It took them quite a bit of time to establish a follower base and grow it from there.

If you’re lucky, you’ll gain traction in the early days. This will give you something to build from, while also boosting your confidence. But that may not happen. It could take several months or even years to realize the fruits of your labor. It’s okay to set both short and long term goals. In fact, it’s something you need to do in order to stay on track. But don’t give up if you come up short. Review what went wrong, make notes regarding how to reach your goals in the future, and reconfigure your approach.

Tip: be realistic with your growth related goals. Setting unattainable goals will set you up for failure, and that’s not what you need when growing your social media following.

Final Thoughts

You can only read so much about Instagram growth services. At some point, you need to visit your Instagram account, compare your current standing to others in your industry, and devise a plan for reaching your goals. In other words, take action.

There is no sure fire way to grow your Instagram account. Just when something works for you, something else may fail. And just when you hit one milestone, you realize that the next one is far away. As long as you understand the basics and dedicate yourself to Instagram growth, you can expect success to come at some point.

What are your thoughts on these Instagram growth tips? Did you do anything else to reach your goals? Would you add any other points of advice?


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