Instagram Influencer Marketing Trends

Instagram and its audience are revolving. Therefore, some marketing strategies are no longer bearing fruit. Within the additional features on Instagram, brands are adopting and implementing new marketing strategies. If you have been on the platform, but your brand does not thrive, check on your strategies.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Trends
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The following are the current trends Instagram influencers use:

Getting Organic Instagram Growth

Did you know you can buy followers on Instagram? Well, this is a strategy that is usually contentious. However, credible sites help you get real Instagram followers at an affordable cost. This method is quicker and has guaranteed results. If you want quick followers, access reliable sites to help you get them.

The Use of Video

Instagram stories have been the new marketing trend. Most brands can demonstrate their services and products through stories. The reason behind the rise in the usage of these videos is that it is easier to market visually than only writing about the services.

Additionally, the audience is more receptive to Instagram videos than other methods. These videos are short (15 seconds), but with creativity, any marketer can explain their services. However, with the introduction of IGTV, marketers can show long-format videos.

Being Relatable

Initially, you could post any content on Instagram and gain some audience. While you can do the same recently, relatable content is likely to gain more audience than others. The marketers have changed to relating their content to what their audience is going through and how they intend to fill the consumer need.

They are matching their posts to the current trends and current hashtags. Additionally, the influencers do not try to portray perfectionism all the time. They try to dress like anybody else so that anybody can feel a sense of belonging in their posts.

Developing Long Partnerships

Like you may have noticed, brands are opting to have long-term relationships with their Instagram influencers. The method is proving to be reliable, credible, and cost-effective for them. Figure out this scenario, you have a brand, and you choose an individual to market it through Instagram. After signing the partnership, the influencer does his job correctly. Due to personal reasons, you decide to change to another influencer.

The move may be okay. However, what if the second influencer does not adopt to become successful in drawing attention like the first one? How do you think the move will affect your brand?

The two questions are the main reasons brands opt to have the same influencer for as long as they fit the brand. For some, it may be hard to find the right influencers for their niche or they do find them but the price for the collaboration exceeds their budget. Luckily you can speed up this process by easily checking out the cost using the Instagram money calculator | inBeat.


Employees Taking the Role of Influencers

Recently, companies are shifting from using celebrities to market their brand to endorsing employees to do the job. In reality, this move is efficient for the company. The move of employees backing their brand creates more trust and makes the brand look more genuine than it would be if other marketers do the job.

Additionally, working with employees makes companies have more control over how they do marketing. It is also cost-effective.

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