Instagram tricks and tips for a spectacular Instagram feed

A beautiful Instagram feed has declined in importance in recent years because everybody’s contributions to adding high-quality content are now more necessary. The Instagram feed comes second.

Nonetheless, even today’s engaging feed can help you stand out: let’s suppose two accounts publish good posts on the same topic, but you also have an engagement in your feed, you can score points.

This article walks you through the process of creating an engaging feed to increase your Instagram followers, so that will be helpful for you to buy Instagram followers.

Prepare by learning about your target audience.

The more relevant your content is to your target audience, the more users will follow you. As a result, consider WHO you want to address on Instagram and WHAT this target group wants to see from the start.

At first, you can use a private Instagram viewer app to view some young people’s profiles, look closely at what they might like on Instagram bright colours (pastel tones), flat lays (photos shot from a bird’s eye view), and food content (milkshakes, doughnuts, breakfast).

Make your account’s imagery consistent

There are three benefits to having a clear visual language:

Because of the structure, you gain new followers when you decide to buy Instagram followers.

  • You give your brand a personality.
  • You create recognition and long-term visibility with your distinct style.
  • Consider what colours would be appropriate for your blog or business.

Create themes and formats for your Instagram account

Alternate between several different format ideas. After that, choose the formats that work best in your community.

First format: Checklists

Checklists allow you to pack a lot of information into a single graphic. It’s ideal for bookmarking and revisiting.

Second format: Reels

Videos, particularly reels, have grown in popularity on Instagram. Since the most recent Instagram update (2nd half of 2021), it is clear that Instagram is diverting its focus from images and will now primarily push videos and reels particularly. Use Reels regularly and have already created some viral videos.

Third Format: Carousel Post

A carousel post consists of 5-10 images displayed in a row in a “carousel.” It’s a great way to cram a lot of information into a single post.

Fourth Format: Infographics

Infographics are particularly well-suited to understandably presenting complex facts. Furthermore, they frequently save other accounts.

Use the same filter to edit your photos

Filters can be found in the Instagram app while editing photos, also in apps such as VSCO, A Color Story, Snapseed, and the free mobile version of Lightroom.

You should avoid using the Instagram app’s filters rather than there are other apps (ideal for beginners: VSCO). The reason is that Instagram compresses images more than other apps, resulting in lower image quality.

Select the same filter for each image to ensure that your photos blend well. When you buy Instagram followers, more followers will like your pictures on your Instagram page.

Create your filters in Photoshop and Lightroom, then apply them to each photo. When creating filters or editing photos, usually do the following:


Always post slightly overexposed photos – but this is a personal preference.

Increase the contrast to make the colours stand out more.

Saturation: Desaturate photos as little as possible.


When shooting indoors, your photos will have a slight yellow cast. That is why you can reduce the heat a little to give the picture a bluish tint.


The ability to make your photos appear clear.

Quality over quantity

Many Instagram users devalue this point at first! Instead of prioritising quality, they post as frequently as possible. However, the result is typically a loveless feed that neither supports the visual language nor inspires user enthusiasm.

Leave something alone before posting something “out of necessity,” and don’t share a new photo in one day. In the long run, quality photos and a great feed are far more valuable!


As you can see, it all comes down to a few tricks and background information – and, of course, proper implementation! Everything must be aesthetically pleasing when you buy Instagram followers. First, consider who you want to target on Instagram and what they want to see. Then structure your content accordingly.

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