Intel launches MICA – a smart bracelet for women on the go

Computer chip giant Intel is releasing a smart bracelet, called MICA, designed for women on the go. MICA is capable of providing message alerts, Facebook notifications, has a GPS to show nearby points of interest, and comes with a “Time To Go” feature that reminds you when you have an appointment.

The bracelet is stylish and is easy on the eyes. Intel has called the smart bracelet MICA, which is short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. Intel worked on MICA in partnership with fashion house Opening Ceremony.

On Monday the company announced that MICA will cost $495 in the U.S., this includes two years of wireless data service with AT&T – and no extra charges for roaming when abroad – no price details are available about after two years.

Users will be able to configure their devices through an online portal, prioritizing notifications and contacts.


The Intel website says the following about the bracelet:

“My Intelligent Communications Accessory (MICA), a collaboration between Opening Ceremony and Intel, celebrates what can happen when beauty meets intelligence. Meticulously designed for the stylish, connected woman and crafted from premium finishes, 18K gold coating and a curved sapphire glass touchscreen display. Engineered with Intel® technology, allowing you to easily view messages, your calendar, and alerts from your curated VIP contacts.”

MICA comes in two styles. One has black water snake skin, pearls and lapis stones, while the other has white water snake skin, tiger’s eye and obsidian.

Intel claims that MICA has a battery life of two days. Charging the device is done through a microUSB connector – hidden when the bracelet is clasped closed.

It is completely new territory for Intel, moving into the high tech jewelry market and it will be interesting to see how well MICA sells.