iPhone usage correlates with education and population density

Apple iPhone usage rates in the United States correlate with education and population density, according to a recent study carried out by Chitika Insights.

The study found that users living in the Northeastern states posted the highest percent of smartphone app traffic from iPhones (between 55% to 65%). Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona had the lowest rates (between 40% to 44%).

States with a high percent of college graduates tend to have a percent of iPhone users, the researchers found.

iPhone usage rate by state:


Source: “Infographic: iPhone Usage Rates by State”

“Our analysis does point towards state-level evidence on the factors affecting iPhone usage rates.
iPhone usage shares are positively correlated with level of education and population density at
the state-level.”

“The relationship also held across median income, however the high correlation in median income and education level resulted in redundancy of this particular variable.”

“On the whole, the data set reinforces the impression that Apple’s iPhone is a significant source of smartphone Internet activity across the United States. However, the range of usage rates between different states can assist marketers when crafting regional strategies based on these broader user base characteristics.”

“As a practical matter, there are further potential benefits to improve the understanding of brandbased
smartphone usage rates between and within states.”

The researchers used iPhone ad impressions through the firm’s Cidewalk mobile ad platform between Dec. 25 and Dec. 31, 2014.