Is CBD Oil Safe?

It’s not surprising so many people are worried about taking CBD oil. Manufacturers make the oil from cannabis plants, which often makes people think it is unsafe. 

When the government passed the US Farm Bill in 2018, CBD products like oil became extremely popular all over America. CBD is now added to a wide range of products, including lotions, capsules, cbd hash, food, and even coffee. Although research is still ongoing, CBD is believed to help people live a healthy lifestyle. It is used by lots of people, including those suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even skin conditions. 

Although people have been using cannabis for thousands of years, very little research has been carried out, which is why a lot of doctors and other medically trained professionals are worried about recommending CBD products to their patients. However, most experts claim that CBD is safe for human and animal consumption. 

Side Effects

CBD can produce side effects, but most users don’t experience any, which is why lots of folks prefer taking it instead of over-the-counter medicine. Here are some of the side effects you might experience:

However, people who mix CBD products with other medication without consulting their doctor might find that CBD can interact adversely. Those who are currently taking medication should speak with their doctor before experimenting with CBD. 

Most people can tolerate CBD, but they should avoid using too much of it. If you are starting your CBD journey, start out with products with low levels of CBD. Once you build up a tolerance, you can invest in CBD products containing higher levels of CBD. 

Keep in mind that over the counter CBD found in traditional or online drug stores is not regulated by the FDA. CBD is considered a dietary supplement by the FDA, so finding accurate information about the natural medicine can prove tricky. However, a recent report released by the World Health Organization shows that CBD is generally safe. 

Does it get you high?

Another common question ‘newbies’ have is whether or not CBD will get them high. Most CBD oils don’t have any traces of THC, which is a natural compound in cannabis plants that can make a person feel high. 

Unlike broad-spectrum oil or isolates, full-spectrum CBD oil does contain the psychoactive compound, but manufacturers only include a small amount of THC, so users won’t have to worry about experiencing any mind-altering effects. 

Although cannabidiol has the ability to interfere with the user’s neurotransmitter receptors, they still won’t feel high. However, this doesn’t mean users should take large amounts of the oil. 

Because users don’t get high, and CBD oil produces very little side effects, even in countries where the sale of both medical and recreational cannabis has been made illegal, many of them have legalized the sale of CBD products. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil is not believed to be addictive. 

Will I Fail a Drug Test?

Whether or not you will fail a drug test while on CBD is another gray area. Although most modern drug testing systems don’t screen for CBD, you might still fail. More and more people are using CBD oil, and random drug testing is common in a lot of businesses. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is fat-soluble, so when a user ingests CBD oil containing THC, it is absorbed with other fats which are often stored in our body’s fatty tissue. 

Depending on how often you use CBD and how much you consume, will often depend on whether or not it will show up in a drug test. The person’s weight and their diet might also play a part. Although it is highly unlikely, if you have used oil containing THC in the last thirty days, it might get detected in a drug test. If you use CBD on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to speak with your employers, or even your doctor for advice. You can tell your employer the reason for using CBD oil, and that there is a possibility that you might fail your test. 


Before buying CBD oil, consumers are advised to research the different products available. Find out as much as you can about the product before buying it, and only invest in CBD oil that has been granted a Certificate of Analysis. Products with a COA have been tested by a third-party before being released into the marketplace. Consumers will know exactly what is in the oil before putting it into their body. 

If you are buying from an online marketplace, don’t forget to read the reviews posted by customers. This can give you an insight into what the oil will do, how strong it is, and what people are using it for.

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