How IT Teams Manage the End-to-End Delivery

IT teams play a big role in project management. They are the ones who ensure that all systems are working as expected and nothing goes wrong. IT management requires dedication and a high level of knowledge and skills.

IT project management
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What is IT project management?

IT project management can be described as the planning, scheduling, execution, and monitoring of It-related projects. Although some sectors exclusively focus on IT projects, IT is always unique to the extent that most industries contain some level of IT component.

Process of managing end-to-end delivery

There are basically six phases of any IT project. They include the following:


During this stage, there is one question that must be asked: what is the purpose of the project? It is after answering this question properly that one can move to the next phase. This includes having a proper business plan that clearly defines the project.


Once the project has been approved, it is time to further determine the objectives and goals of the IT project. The scope of the project can also be outlined at this stage. You will also have to set the budget and take into account all the resources that the project will require.


This is where the team tries to get the best solution that will help them achieve their goals. This involves coming up with several prototypes and designs. Once a proper design has been created, the details can be shared with the rest of the IT team and move to the next stage


At this phase, the development teams get assigned tasks as well as project management tools. Besides, raw materials are availed, technicians outlined, and so on and so forth.


This is the phase where the IT project’s deliverables are developed. It is also the longest phase of the project. The IT project team sets out a time when they will complete all their tasks while the project manager ensures all the materials needed are there.

Follow up

This phase comes after the project has been completed and delivered to the client. It entails setting up a support team, developing a post-mortem, and training end-users.

The purpose of this phase is to ensure that everything is working as planned. The support team works hand in hand with end-users to ensure that they understand all the aspects of the project.

What is ITSM?

ITSM - Information technology service management
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IT project management software is normally used by managers to control and organize various IT projects. Just like any other software, the main purpose of ITSM is to increase efficiency. The software enhances efficiency by offering users whatever features they need to track and monitor performance and progress.

Some of the common features found in most IT project management tools include real-time data, multiple project views, tasks, and time tracking.

What are the benefits of using IT project management software?

There are several benefits of IT management software. They include the following:

  • Helps in planning waterfall projects
  • Management of programs
  • Tracking of time spent on tasks
  • Allows you to customize workflows

In nutshell, IT management software plays a big role in managing IT projects.