Job Opportunities for Indians in the Global market

Getting to work and settle abroad seems to be the dream of several young aspiring graduates in India. There are also several exciting gains in choosing to work abroad and moving to another country offers several opportunities for Indian Students and graduates. There seem to be several other benefits in looking for a job abroad more than monetary gains. Traveling far and wide helps them develop adaptability and self-reliance. Also, it is easy to travel abroad in one’s early stages of a career. In India, several young graduates are becoming mobile as moving to other countries helps them with several opportunities to boost their careers.

Brief About Global Job Market:

Several graduates move to foreign countries for employment opportunities is a little difficult in India. They are also able to find a better standard of living there and get more salary than what they would get in India. Thus it is important to study abroad to fetch these jobs and take help from study abroad consultants

The United States remains the most popular destination for students and graduates in India and it is considered the most prestigious and valuable to work here. The study reveals that the US attracts more than half of the Indians who plan to go abroad to work. The UK stands second and Australia third. Germany and France are some of the countries that remain as the best destinations for Indians to work.

Tips In Choosing Education Consultants Overseas:

Several fraudulent practices happen around the International job market. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose and find the best employer overseas. Following are some useful tips to find such a trustworthy employer

Choose an employer with overseas offices: employers holding overseas offices would most likely offer overseas placements and the employer need not be retained in one country.

Choose companies that recruit all over the world: solicitors with international divisions, accounts firms, investment banks and retail bank with a consultancy wing and companies that deal with, fast-moving consumer goods such as oil and gas, civil and structural engineering companies are some examples to choose as they have branches in many countries and offers job security

Government and public sector organizations: many government offices in UK, US, and Canada offer both long-term and short-term postings for Indians in their offices. Some examples such as Department of international development, the foreign and commonwealth office, etc. Armed forces and Civil services also offer job opportunities for Indians. Aspirants could apply for these jobs through a civil service job search of corresponding countries.

About Permits To Study In A Foreign Country:

Most countries offer skilled migration programs that are designed to attract qualified foreign laborers and to match skill shortages in their local economy. Understand the immigration section of such organizations and government websites to take note of these programs in detail.

For several countries, including the US, it is difficult to obtain a work permit. A job offer is needed before processing the required Visa.

Countries like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia run a points system to determine visa eligibility. Some countries also require the passport to remain valid for a minimum period once the employee enters the country.

Other than work permits and visas, there are other factors that Indians needs to consider before opting to work for a foreign country and these are,

  • Health insurance – most of the foreign countries cater to medical expenses through insurance schemes, which is not a common practice in India. Paying from hand for medical expenses could be costly.
  • Finance – It is important to have sufficient funds before migrating to a foreign land, preferably in its currency.
  • Accommodation- usually the company that is employing a person should cater to its accommodation as well, at least temporarily until one finds permanent accommodation there.
  • Language – language skills are absolutely important, even in non-English speaking countries, as English remains a common language in most countries. Though this is usually checked during the time of the interview, learning its accent and immense vocabulary is a must.

Job opportunities for Indian at the Global Market

Scope of work for Indians in the international job market falls into one of the following categories.

  • Voluntary projects: voluntary works are offered for Indians, all over the world. They need to work with the local communities to solve issues relating to education, health, and social well-being.
  • Teaching: we need to accept the fact that Indians are excellent teachers, especially in maths, science, and English subjects. Indians are being placed as teachers in language schools, education, and development organizations, and even in colleges. Several international schools place Indians as teachers in their primary and secondary schools.
  • Oil and gas: countries in the Middle East and African countries offer Indians jobs in the Oil and gas sector. Working for an international energy company is prestigious for Indians as an international job.
  • Consultancies: consulting businesses run by British Companies are constantly looking for Indian Consultants. As a consequence, they not only plan and run consultancies in India but also employ Indians in their own countries.
  • Creative arts: creative arts bags excellent job opportunities for Indians. Several foreign programmers funds for transcultural activities within and out of their countries to help Indian not just to work and earn, but also to develop their inherent skills.
  • The Field of academic research: As Indians are good at academics and take their studies seriously are offered the post of researchers and lecturers in top universities abroad.

Bottom Line

Take help from study abroad consultants in Delhi and study in the best university in Foreign countries to get the best jobs that are listed here. These consultants help students to study in their best courses and also help them to find the best jobs in the country and also abroad.  These are the best services that students and parents could avail themselves of to find the best job and career out of the country.

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