Kindle Fire vs. iPad-2 – Which One is Better a Purchase? 

Several tech reviewers believe that Amazon Kindle Fire is a serious competitor of the iPad 2, and some even believe it to be fairly ahead in the game. Is that really the case? Is Kindle actually threatening iPad’s market? Read on to find out.

The Kindle Fire and the iPad 2 were both released in 2011 for the first time. Even though, newer models have been released and have replaced their predecessors, we will be comparing the very basic features and specifications of both devices.

Before we start dissecting each product to figure which one takes the lead, here is a brief comparison of some of the most noticeable and comparable features of both.

Relatively Low Price Tag. Higher Price Tag.
Smaller Display Size Than iPad 2. Large Retina Display with High Screen Resolution.
It Can’t be linked to a Television. It streams movies from Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. It connects directly to a TV to stream video, music, and photos.
●      Access to vetted apps from the Amazon Appstore.

●      It comes with a month of Amazon Prime at no extra cost.

●      Access books for Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

●      Access to all iOS Apps.

Designed for media consumption. Play high-end games.


General Comparison- Kindle vs. iPad

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a device which comes with a low price tag. It is a media-consumption device and does its job amazingly. However, it lacks the e-ink technology that other Kindle devices have, and so it can’t be regarded as a pure e-reader. Owing to the lack of this particular feature, Kindle Fire won’t be of much help if you wish to read books outdoors in the sun, but what makes it a good choice for a tablet is it other amazing functions and features.

The most attractive feature that the Kindle Fire exhibits is 1-3 month long free viewership of Amazon Prime. The duration of the free period depends on the latest offers and promotion deals. This helps you to try out your Kindle Fire for movie watching and enjoy the latest collection that Amazon Prime has to offer!

On the contrary, the iPad 2 comes with a higher price tag. However, Apple justifies the price of iPad 2 with the wide range of features that you can’t find in the Kindle Fire.

It has a Retina display and higher screen resolution, ensuring quality visuals for movie-watching and gaming. It has multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and more.

A few people even believe that it is unfair to compare the Kindle fair to an iPad 2, since Kindle Fire is primarily a reading gadget while iPad 2 is a mini-computer on its own!

Media Consumption – Kindle vs. iPad 2

The Kindle Fire is an excellent device for watching movies as it has a good screen resolution and a decent sound system. However, its display resolution is not as good as iPad 2, but because of the small screen size, you won’t notice much difference in the quality of visuals.

If you are using the Kindle Fire, you would be able to stream movies from Netflix and Hulu Plus, and can even rent/purchase movies from Amazon; however, you can’t connect your Kindle device directly to your Television.

On the other hand, the iPad is not just a media-consumption device; in fact, it targets the netbook and laptop market. Despite not being designed specifically for media consumption, it has amazing media capabilities. It has a large display and outstanding visuals, which make it favorable for movie-watching.

You can connect your iPad directly to your Television so that you can watch movies and videos on a bigger screen. Moreover, it lets you conserve storage space by letting you stream movies from your computer into your iPad.

Both Kindle Fire and iPad 2 have full-color backlit displays, they are not the ideal e-readers to be used in the sun.

Access to Applications – Kindle vs. iPad 2

The biggest attraction that the Kindle Fire presents is access to the Amazon Appstore. This allows you to easily access popular games like Angry Birds and amazing applications like the Flixster movie app, and ENJOY!

However, Kindle Fire does not beat Amazon in this department. Apple grants access to a plethora of App Store apps and games. This allows all iPad 2 users to have more processor-intensive and business applications. What’s more is that iPad 2 can also access the Kindle Store, the Barnes, Noble Nook Books site, and the Apple Book Store for selecting books and reading.

Final Word

Kindle Fire can’t beat the iPad 2 in terms of speed, storage space, processing power, camera capabilities, GPS, 4G, and Bluetooth. What’s important to consider when getting a device is not just what it has to offer but also if you really need it or not. Many people don’t need all that the iPad 2 comes with, and so Kindle Fire could be a good, pocket-friendly bargain for them, as it will sufficiently provide for book-reading, watching movies, and casual internet surfing.

Examine your needs and your budget to figure out what device is right for you.

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