5 Reasons You Do Need A Leaf Blower

When thinking about lawn care, we think of mowers and edgers, but one of the most helpful tools in the shed is a leaf blower. Often dismissed and forgotten about, a leaf blower can really make looking after your garden a breeze, taking care of your lawn, and saving you time. This time can be spent relaxing and enjoying your garden, the way it was intended.

Leaf blower image 11111Removes Leaves

When looking out the window and noticing the lawn has been peppered with leaves from down the road and neighbouring gardens, you will dread the painstaking task of raking them all into a pile to slowly remove them whilst the prevailing wind disrupts your hard work. This whole task can be made much easier with the help of a leaf blower.

Simply blow the leaves the same direction as the wind is blowing and pile them up neatly in no time at all. You can do this stuff perfectly with a cordless leaf blower because it’s easy to carry and also to manoeuvre during operation. The website toolsdiary.com explains how to use this device effectively.

Snow Removal And Lawn Care

Looking after your lawn is made easier with a leaf blower. Dense layers of leaves and debris or even snow can suffocate your lawn and starve it of sunlight with the results being a lawn that withers away. No one wants to start reseeding their lawn when a handy leave blower could have solved the problem before they had started.

Easily removing layers of snow not only helps take care of your lawn it takes care of you, leaving a nice pathway to get to and from without being ankle deep in snow. No more back bending and shovelling, use a leaf blower to clear a safe and helpful path in no time at all.

Dust And Debris

From the obvious use of removing leaves from the lawn we also need to keep those pathways clear, in the winter months a few wet leaves laying on the path can be dangerous as slips are becoming more common. A build-up of leaves, dust and debris along garden paths can be a tedious task of bending and sweeping, a wholly unsatisfying job.

Using a leaf blower will quickly and efficiently remove these from the garden path without the need of bending or sweeping. This makes looking after your pathways and driveways much easier, after they have been blown clear from wet leaves, dirt and debris they can be jet washed and cleaned, so you have a fabulous entrance to your home or business.

Clearing Gutters

Clearing gutters has always been a difficult, unwanted and time-consuming job. Either you are standing on the roof bending down or you are stood on a ladder inching along the edge of the gutter clearing little bit by little bit. This can take ages and the longer you are up on the roof, you the more likely you are to incur an injury.

Using a leaf blower you can drive the contents of the gutter to a corner to swiftly remove it or remove the contents of the gutter completely by blasting it out over rim. Remember if this is the way you choose to clear your gutter be aware of what is below, you do not want to remove dirt, grit, grim and leaves from your gutter just for them to fall onto your car!

Leaf blower image 22222Cleaning Your Car

The power and versatility of a leaf blower is going to be able to remove hard to reach dirt in areas of the car you simply cannot get your hand or cleaning cloths in. In a few minutes it can clear dust and particles from the groves in the dash, around the seat belt fastener, between cup holders and even the footwell, by blasting the dirt either out of the car or to a collective place where you can easily remove it.

This tool will shorten the time needed for cleaning your car and make this annoying task that much quicker and easier. When using a leaf blower in smaller areas is sure not to cover the air inlet as this could cause problems later on.

Many types

Today, there are self-contained handheld leafm blowers or backpack mounted ones. The backpack devices have a handheld want and are better if you are going to be blowing leaves for a long time. Some of the larger ones rest on wheels.

Not all leaf blowers just blow – some suck too, like a vaccum cleaner, and shred the leaves into a bag. People sometimes refer to them as blower vacs.

Final Thoughts

We don’t think twice about replacing our lawn mower if it’s past its best or running on its last legs. We should use the same thinking when looking after our leaf blower. This essential tool, just like a mower does has a lifespan, but this can be extended with proper care and due diligence. Keep an eye out for overheating components, poor power outage, battery life, gas usage or how much fuel you are using depending on the type of blower.

You should be looking after your leaf blower with regular cleans and servicing. Keeping up to date with the care and the servicing of this tool and it will stand the test of time and keep looking after your lawn.


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