Lunar UFOs in their hundreds YouTuber video claims

A YouTube video shows what appear to be hundreds of Lunar UFOs – unidentified flying objects on the Moon. A YouTuber claims that these Lunar UFOs go around and behind the Moon’s surface after taking off. The unusual video footage has the world of UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, while others wonder whether they have become victims of an optical illusion, once again.

According to the YouTuber, we now have a video that gives a clear view of these lunar UFOs going around and behind the Moon. A number of viewers are convinced that a colony of intelligent aliens is there to protect the Moon from humans.

On November 13th, Gerril Vigil uploaded an ‘amazing video’ which Mister Enigma claims shows lunar UFOs leaving the Moon. Mister Enigma is also known as Robert Simmons of Wisconsin, USA.

Lunar UFOs?You need to look out for the tiny, moving specks on the video (below). Even then, you need a sharp eye. (Image: YouTube)

Hundreds of lunar UFOs?

Mr. Enigma, who has often told us of amazing evidence regarding alien artefacts and UFOs, said:

“The clip is truly remarkable as you can see the objects coming from the bottom left. It looks as though there could be hundreds of them, but the jury is still out on whether this is some kind of optical illusion.”

John Biondo, a professional photographer, said the Lunar UFOs claim is simply wishful thinking. What people are seeing, he explains, is a phenomenon that often occurs when we observe the edge of the Moon.

Mr. Biondo wrote:

“I have lots of telescope time. You see this all the time, it’s called Chromatic Aberration. You see it more when the lens is out of focus as well, such as in this video.” says the following regarding chromatic aberration:

“Chromatic Aberration, also known as ‘color fringing’ or ‘purple fringing’, is a common optical problem that occurs when a lens is either unable to bring all wavelengths of color to the same focal plane, and/or when wavelengths of color are focused at different positions in the focal plane.”

Mr. Enigma is known by the news media as somebody who is prone to starting UFO hoaxes. Last year, he triggered a hoax that was first picked up by, then other news sites followed and soon the whole world was reading about speck-like alien objects flying around the International Space Station.

Gorilla and camel on MarsMr. Enigma added color to the rocks in order to help them stand out. He is convinced that this NASA image shows a giant gorilla and his small camel friend standing on the Martian surface.

Gorilla and camel on Mars

Earlier this year, Mister Enigma posted a NASA picture of what he claimed were a giant gorilla and a small camel on Mars.

When he posted the picture, he and some other alien enthusiasts said they were surprised that NASA scientists had not noticed the clearly evident Martian wildlife before. Others commented that maybe he should try harder not to forget to take his medication.

On that occasion, like dozens of others, he presented his ‘finding’ saying that at last we had compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life. If all his claims to date are true, our Solar System is crawling with weird aliens, including witches, animals, and unusual sculptures.

Video – Lunar UFOs spotted in their hundreds

Mister Enigma says that this video is proof that aliens have already colonized the Moon.