Nigel Farage as British ambassador to US suggests Trump

Nigel Farage would be a great British ambassador to the US, president-elect Donald Trump suggested yesterday. According to Mr. Trump, many people are asking for Mr. Farage to be put forward for the position – ‘he would do a great job’.

During his presidential campaign in the United States, Mr. Trump was helped by Mr. Farage. After an amazing victory, he was the first foreign politician to meet with the new president-elect.

Yesterday Mr. Trump tweeted:

“Many people would like to see @Nigel_Farage represent Great Britain as their Ambassador to the United States. He would do a great job.”

Trump tweet for Farage as AmbassadorMany people think that Mr. Farage would probably the best person for the job as Ambassador, given that he and Mr. Trump get on so well. (Image:

The UKIP interim leader, who met the new president-elect at Trump Tower in New York, said that Britain had a ‘real opportunity’ for carving out a special trade deal with the United States.

Ambassador: reward for loyalty

Donald Trump has spoken to British Prime Minister by phone and made some mention of close ties between the two nations. However, Ms. May and several members of her cabinet, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, had harshly criticised Mr. Trump during his election campaign. He is unlikely to forget that any time soon.

The only British politician who stood by Mr. Trump from day one was Mr. Farage. He even gave speeches in the US at election rallies in support of Mr. Trump during the campaign.

After campaigning successfully for Brexit – Britain Exiting the European Union – Mr. Farage joined Mr. Trump at a rally in Jackson in Mississippi, where Mr. Trump lauded him as ‘the man behind Brexit’. On the eve of the US vote, Mr. Trump described a victory as ‘Brexit plus plus plus’.

Trump and maybe future Ambassador FarageIs this a picture of the future US President and British Ambassador in Washington? (Image:

As the British ambassador in Washington, Mr. Farage would probably have a fantastic relationship with the President Trump.

Current ambassador should go

Mr. Trump’s endorsement will cause fresh embarrassment for Ms. May, who was beaten by Mr. Farage to meeting the future president in person.

Regarding the most prestigious diplomatic post, Mr. Farage recently said he was not really ‘the ambassadorial type’. However, he added that he would really ‘love to help’ in dealing with Team Trump.

Mr. Farage said that the incumbent British ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, should go because he was ‘part of the old regime’.

Ambassador Farage?Theresa May’s cabinet is split regarding using Mr. Farage to help secure US-UK relations. (Image:

In an interview with Sky News, Mr. Farage said of Sir Kim:

“His world view, and the world view of the Trump team are going to be diametrically opposed and I would have thought it would be sensible to put someone there who was likely to get on with Team Trump.”

“I don’t think I will be the ambassadorial type. Whatever talents or flaws I have got I don’t think diplomacy is at the top of my list of skills.”

Video – Farage on US-UK relations

Nigel Farage explaining that all he wants to do is help in any way possible to secure Britain’s economic future by improving the country’s relations with the United States and its future President.