How to Make Money on Amazon – Best Options for You

Do you like to work at home or take advantage of your free time to make an extra income? A good way is knowing how to make money on Amazon.

The company is one of the largest in the world and works with different partners – and one of them could be you! And that’s when it’s time to monetize.

How to do this? There are some best ways to earn this income:

1. Sell products on Amazon

Sell on Amazon
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Yes, the platform is a marketplace where you can sell your items, but, how to sell products on Amazon. For this, you need to register as a seller and catalog your products.

In the ranking process, you need to link to an item that already exists on the platform or create a new ad.

To sell products on Amazon, you still need to select from one of the available plans in the registration process. The alternatives are:

  • Professional: It is suitable for people who intend to sell more than 10 products per month. It’s free for 3 months;
  • Individual: Limits sales to up to 10 products per month.

This method of earning on Amazon needs high investment. Even sometimes, some users adopt sellers funding to increase Amazon earnings.

2. Join the Affiliate Program

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Here, the objective is to advertise products sold on Amazon on your social networks, blog or website. Its role is in publicity, specifically. Therefore, the merchandise is not manufactured or marketed by you.

This is a good alternative for people who have a good number of followers. Thus, it is easier to succeed when selling products on Amazon.

Your earnings are guaranteed whenever someone buys a product through the link you posted. The commission paid to Amazon affiliates varies by product.

While it’s an easy method to earn money on Amazon, the company does require qualifications for the program. You must become a blogger, editor or content creator and have a qualified website, app or social network.

All applications made to the Amazon Affiliate Program are reviewed. If your profile meets the requirements, you receive approval. Thus, it is possible to affiliate with any type of product sent by Amazon.

Registration must be done on the Amazon Associates Portal. It’s completely free. Despite the ease, you need to be careful.

All rules must be followed. Otherwise, you may be not allowed to work on the program or receive a warning and lose the money you earn.

3. Publish your books on Amazon

eBooks - Amazon - kindle direct publishing
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Many digital entrepreneurs choose to sell e-book digital content on affiliate platforms, but forget that this is also a possibility available on Amazon.

With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can make your content available to Kindle stores worldwide in less than 48 hours, and in a simple process that takes no more than 5 minutes. And you can make edits to published e-books, which is another interesting differential.

And, talking about the earnings from the sale of his books (including physical paperback ones), 70% of royalty is from the author in almost all countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, for example.

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