How To Successfully Market Your Medical Spa On Social Media


With well-known celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Gwyneth Paltrow posting about their medical aesthetic treatments all over Instagram it’s no wonder that medical spas have become more popular and accepted by the general public. If you are a medical spa owner and you haven’t begun marketing your business on social media, you’re losing out big time.

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Social media is a great place for you to share and promote your business! If done organically, social media marketing is free of charge, can create significant brand awareness, and boost client-customer relations to the next level. Eager to begin? Let’s go through some essential tips and tricks to get the best medspa marketing in vancouver started.

Focus On One Or Two Social Media Platforms

There are a variety of social media platforms to choose from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. However, posting content on all these platforms may be too time-consuming. Therefore, it would be best to focus on producing content for one or two social media platforms. As a medical spa practitioner, time is of the essence –– you don’t want to overload yourself in the beginning and burn out later.

Different social media platforms also come with different user demographics. As such, you may want to pick your social media platform based on your usual clientele’s demographic. Statistics have identified Facebook and Instagram as the two main social media platforms to utilize for promoting businesses, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on.

Market your medical spa on social media

Figure Out What Type of Content Suits Your Platforms

Aside from having different demographics, different platforms also suit different types of content.


Facebook is a great platform for businesses to list all essential company information –– your business’ description, address, contact number, online reviews, and links to other social networks. Aside from posting the usual stuff, we recommend posting shorter content: quick text posts, sale announcements, short videos, and inspirational photos (such as before-and-after photos, which are good for advertising your business’ capabilities). One quick tip is to ensure your page isn’t overrun with too many photos. Instead, try incorporating a photo album into your page for better viewing.


On Instagram, visuals are king –– your feed should always be reserved for inspirational and aesthetically pleasing photos that convey messages of natural, healthy, effortlessly-looking beauty. You can spruce up these posts by including a short caption to describe the treatments being showcased. Plus, with the story highlights feature, you can easily add several segments that’ll build up your company’s reputation –– such as a plethora of “before and after” photos, positive customer testimonials, and user-generated content to increase brand engagement.

Video Content

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Although videos showcasing your medical procedures are educational, they may not always be aesthetically pleasing enough to be plastered all over your channel. Instead, try placing them in your Facebook videos section or IGTV channel, where interested viewers can watch a collection of your videos here. We recommend using creative editing ideas or warning users if the video is particularly graphic before uploading.

Aside from long, medical videos, we encourage experimenting with various styles of content and video formatting ideas for your TikTok account. Some examples may include: sharing how your spa looks from the inside, behind-the-scenes interviews with your staff, clients’ testimonials, etc. Over time, you’ll gradually realize what generates the highest amount of user engagement for your spa.

Stay Truthful And Honest

Whilst social media is a great way to showcase your spa’s glitz and glamor, it can also downplay risks associated with procedures, promote unrealistic body expectations, and intensify any psychological stress to achieve perfection. Be realistic about whatever you may post, be it about expectations for downtime after procedures, or the amount of effort needed to achieve results. Overdramatizing and overpromising can severely impact your spa’s trustworthiness.

Provide Good Visual Content

Good visual content is the best way to break through the crowd of content and attract followers on social media. Your visual content should always try to project healthy living, effortless-looking beauty, and well-being –– this will help build your brand’s image in the minds of others. Additionally, always make sure that your visuals are of high quality. No one likes seeing a blurry photo as this would only cause customers to feel that your business is slipshod.

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Include Value-Driven Content

In addition to regular posts, make sure to include links to longer-form content where they can familiarise themselves with your business and the medical aesthetics industry. To ensure that these links direct users to your website, where they’re able to learn about your practices and treatments in detail. We recommend using Facebook as it’s a great place to push such forms of content out. You could try using Instagram too, but take note that the links aren’t clickable in a caption format, so either provide a shorter link or include it in your bio.

Post Regularly

In this fast-paced world, we tend to forget about things that we don’t see often. Hence, to keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers, you should try to update your social media accounts regularly too. We recommend updating Instagram and Twitter daily, and two to three times a week for Facebook. If you find posting often difficult as a small business, we recommend crafting some time to prepare content beforehand. This allows you to prep for several weeks at a time, and schedule the posts to be published.

Utilize In-App Features

The Stories and Highlight features have transformed how users interact on Instagram. Now, you’re able to use Stories to promote your latest blog posts, website, or even conduct Q&As about your latest treatments. Using the Highlights section is great for providing exclusive content, such as showcasing certain products, or emphasizing certain aspects of your business. In addition, you can use Instagram and Facebook’s live streaming feature to conduct product demonstrations or invite professionals to share valuable advice.

Interact Actively With Users

Remember to reply to your direct messages and interact with comments –– it’s essential for creating a strong connection with prospective clients. Additionally, don’t shy away from answering bad reviews or comments, but remain professional and courteous when doing so. Who knows? You may be able to turn these unhappy clients around.

Maybe even more so than ever, peer-to-peer endorsements are key to impacting consumer buying decisions. Try to encourage past clients to leave online reviews on Google, Facebook, or Yelp by offering them an incentive, such as a free product or discount on their next treatment. Happy clients are your best ambassadors, so don’t leave them hanging!

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Marketing your medical spa on social media can be difficult. However, with the help of our article, we hope that you have a better idea of how you can begin to do so. Good luck!