Mars alien underground bases hidden by NASA, investigators claim

Several pictures of underground bases in Mars, built by aliens, have been hidden by NASA and other space agencies, say some alien investigators, one of whom posted a YouTube video claiming to show compelling evidence of large doorways on the Red Planet’s surface.

Alien enthusiasts, who claim to be investigators, are using Google Earth to explore Mars’ surface.

They show videos and images of rectangular- and square-shaped entrances into what they claim are secret underground bases on Mars, as well as the corners of buildings, built by advanced civilizations not from Earth.

Mars alien underground entranceA zoom-in of a Google Earth image. A Mars alien underground entrance or an anomaly caused by an algorithm in the software? (Image: ufosightingsdaily)

Researcher Marcelo Irazusta claims that NASA and other space agencies have done a poor job of trying to airbrush out alien structures that are still visible. His YouTube video – ‘Mysterious Structures on Mars, most are intentionally hidden’ – has got hundreds of other alien enthusiasts and UFO chasers excited about the alleged ‘new discovery’.

Editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring, invites viewers to look closely to clearly see the edges of an entrance that takes spaceships below the surface of the Red Planet.

Mr. Waring wrote:

“This is the location Earth should choose if they want to make a settlement on Mars. This is a location thats already been used and proven effective by aliens. It’s probably abandoned…just waiting for new owners.”

People familiar with Google Earth have probably seen these unusual formations all over Google Earth, Mars and Moon. They are caused by an algorithm that lines up images on the globe and occur along the line where two pictures meet.

Is this another case of Pareidolia?

Cases of pareidolia have increased dramatically since we started receiving images from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission.

Psychologists say these bizarre ‘sightings’ are due to a phenomenon called Pareidolia, which makes people hear a sound or see an image of somebody or something that is not really there. In many cases, the person believes it is real.

Mars rock crazy imageIn November, some people thought a rock on Mars had a carving of Nabu, the Babylonian and Assyrian god of wisdom and writing, dating back to 2000 BCE. NASA said it was just an ordinary rock and does not plan to investigate it any further. (Image: close-up)

We all experience pareidolia sometimes, to a certain extent. When we look at cloud formations that remind us of shapes, perhaps an elephant’s trunk or a witch with a crooked nose, for example.

In more extreme cases, these images or sounds are not just mere reminders, but perceived as the real thing, as may occur when a person claims to have seen an image of Jesus Christ’s face on a piece of burnt toast.

According to Collins English Dictionary, pareidolia is:

“The imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features.”

Video – Sensational discovery. Martian city?

  1. spontaneous says

    zabadak eh????

  2. sealight says

    So, where is the city?

  3. Harriet Logan says

    Why is Google News pushing to us bm with these ridiculous Martian alien stories each and every day?

  4. Robert Miles says

    This isn’t news.

  5. Johnny says

    The music almost had me believing… oh wait a minute, I just stopped caring.

  6. User_0 says

    There aren’t any aliens. They’ve all uploaded and sublimed off their planets.

  7. Vivek says

    Probably these hoaxes are getting created to generate interest among the people and get government funding for such waste programs.

  8. Gags says

    Saddam hussain hiding place.

  9. Astronaut Monk says

    Thats no alien, thats us. We used to live in Mars. When it starte
    lossing its atmosphere, we blasted off to Earth. Killed all the
    dinosaurs and occupied the Earth. We also planted evidence to make it
    look like a natural disaster. Due to anarcy the privilidged few how had
    access to the technology were killed and thus the knowledge was lost. We
    all re-started as cave men, on earth.

    All the various
    structures on planet like pyramic, etc, is evidence that advance
    technology was used. It was noone other than us.

    And now we are planning to go to mars again, and reoccupy what we abandone? We must be f**** kidding ourself.

    intelligent aliens lived on Mars, what the f**** stopped them from
    reaching earth? We (considered to an intelligent life form) are very
    hostile to other life forms on earth, including ourselves. An
    intelligent life would be equally hostile, the only reason they would
    have left their planet would be to survive or scavenge other planets. If
    they can reach us, they would be really really intellgent species, we
    will like chimps to them.

  10. Alan Howlett says

    Because you keep clicking on them?

  11. Harriet Logan says

    I clicked on it only this one time though….and that was just to make this comment.

  12. Voltara Smith says

    Why does NASA refuse to inspect a single one of the thousands of anomalies seen in the images? Their behaviour is not scientific. Why bother sending their billion dollar rovers to Mars if they already know enough to dismiss everything they see as “a rock”.

  13. Voltara Smith says

    They only push the ridiculous ones. The stories which prove NASA is lying are buried

  14. spongwang says

    Yes, there is truth in what you are saying. The garden of eden was a testing ground where aliens created us, noahs arc was a vessle that brought us to earth. Including 2 of every species to create life on earth. Its so obvious we came from mars, we got here just before the atmosphere discintregated.

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