Why Millennials Love Online Gaming and Gambling

Business markets show that millennials like all sorts of gaming activities. They not only like watching gaming, but they also love participating in online casino games. Therefore, their interest is definitely noted by businesses that promote these forms of entertainment.

Why Millennials Love Online Gaming and Gambling 444333If you sign up for the best mobile bingo site at TheBingoOnline.com, you are either a millennial or have been greatly influenced by millennial activities. You really cannot escape the fact that online casino gambling activities have caught on strongly with young and older people alike. So, why are we seeing this pattern?

A Major Market

While a gamer may be ridiculed for his or her proclivity to indulge in a video game, you cannot say the same for the gaming industry itself. Gaming activities reap businesses, in total, about $43 billion annually.

Also, a new Nielsen study confirms that millennials not only play video games and enjoy gaming activities, but they also tend to gamble more . . . online. In fact, they are more likely to sign up at an online casino than play the games in a gambling hub, such as Las Vegas. That is because they see Las Vegas and its strip as more than a place to play slots.

How Generation Y Views Las Vegas

Las Vegas visitors, who fit under the category of Generation Y, have different priorities. Born between the early part of the 1980s and early 2000s, Generation I entered adulthood in the twenty-first century. Moreover, the people in this group represent about 25% of the world’s population. Therefore, they hold a considerable amount of clout. This type of influence reaches over many entertainment sectors, including gambling and video gaming.

However, the interest in gaming still outweighs the interest millennials have in casino games, such as craps, blackjack, and slots. While some officials in the gambling industry worry about the millennials’ focus on gaming, it does not mean they won’t easily sign up at a site, such as BonusesOnline.com. They just like the creative touches that keep them playing their beloved video games.

A New Day and Age

Millennials tend to opt for online games over brick-and-mortar casinos, as online games represent new technologies. If millennials visit Las Vegas, they tend to think of the place as a venue of fancy hotels, elite restaurants, and trendy bars. Spending time in the gambling capital of the world includes visiting night clubs and watching top-line entertainment – not just gambling.

When a millennial visits a casino in Las Vegas, he or she considers it a social occasion. However, if he or she is signing up for the top mobile bingo site , it usually is to stay mobile and interested during the day. On the other hand, if he or she goes to a gambling spots like Las Vegas, the experience is more holistic rather than centered on gambling.

This may be a repeat of how young people responded to gambling in 1955. In one Life magazine article at the time, prognosticators forecasted the end of Las Vegas. The forecasters suggested that young people did not have the same interest in gambling as their parents. At that time, the baby boomers showed indifference to Las Vegas gambling, much like they do today. However, millennials still migrate to casino gambling online along with their gaming activities.

Even if millennials are not totally interested in gambling, they always will fall back on gaming, probably because it was a childhood occupation. People at that time grew up with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo64. How could they relate to casino gambling unless they played it online?

Plus, many of the mobile games that interest millennials now also are similar to casino games. Both types of entertainment invite players to play on platforms that display colorful graphics and enticing music scores. Many of the games online also use virtual currencies. If you compare the more casual online games with casino gaming online, millennials veer toward more casual activities.

Therefore, casinos have learned that to appeal to the younger Y generation, they must make full use of the technologies, and do so well. After all, millennials love technology in all shapes and forms and adapt well to the latest innovations. The key is to present smooth-running games online that appeal to a tech-savvy group of players.

Offering Casino Games with a Retro Console Display

One way to do this, businesses have found, is to offer casino games that exhibit a console display, much like a video game. These games remind millennials of the video games they grew up playing and therefore lend a sense of comfort to gambling online. It also helps to introduce casino games that depend on training and skill versus pure luck. That is why millennials tend to navigate to video poker or poker rather than “lucky” slots.

To continually gain the interest of millennials, online casinos need to focus on providing a virtual reality experience – one that allows the younger generation of gamblers to immerse themselves in a 3D gambling environment.


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