800 year old mobile phone has everybody talking about aliens

If you came across an 800 year old mobile phone fossil you might wonder whether intelligent aliens visited us in the past, or somebody today managed to solve the challenge of time travel. But as far as historians are concerned, mobile phones, which started coming onto the market in the 1980s, definitely did not exist in the 13th century.

Technically, it is not a fossil, because it is not preserved in petrified form (in stone).

A YouTube video has emerged which claims to show an 800-year old artefact that looks just like a modern mobile phone.

The video footage – posted by YouTube channel ‘Paranormal Crucible’ – claims to show an authentic filming of an artefact discovered by archaeologists at Fuschl am See, between the city of Salzburg and Bad Ischl in Austria.

Old Mobile Phone fossil found in AustriaIt does look a bit like the Nokia phones that used to be on the market in the 1990s.

Specimen has keys with Cuneiform symbols

The artefact, which is said be to 800 years old, has what looks like a small screen at the top, control keys and several mobile phone-looking keys below. The keys have Cuneiform symbols engraved on them.

Cuneiform script is one of the earliest writing systems, distinguished by its wedge-shaped marks that were inscribed on clay tablets. Cuneiform writing started as a system of pictographs in the late 4th millennium BCE by an ancient people living in Babylonia (in modern Iraq).

According to the speaker on the video, UFO researchers believe that “an advanced extra-terrestrial species visited earth in the distance past. If this is true, then its possible artefacts like this were copied directly from extra-terrestrial technology.”

Proof of aliens or a hoax?

Alien enthusiasts are convinced this is compelling proof that advanced extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the past. A considerable number of viewers wonder whether the whole thing is a festive-season hoax.

To The Death Media, a conspiracy website, made the following comments regarding the alleged spectacular find:

“There are two things that just don’t add up. First of all discovering anything that resembles cuneiform writing in Austria is an extraordinary finding since great distance separated Austria and Ancient Mesopotamia, so it is a true mystery how the object ended up in Europe.”

It is a pity the speaker on the video gives us no details of when the archaeological dig occurred and who discovered the object. Until we get more details, perhaps we will have to assume that this is just another hoax using a slightly obsolete Nokia mobile phone.

The speaker on the video added:

“Until further analysis of this peculiar-form tablet is completed, we can only speculate at what it truly represents. But maybe one day, our true history will become clear, and the bright light of truth will finally reveal its secrets.”

If we gave the video the benefit of our doubt, the time-travel theory would still be hard to believe. There are no mobile phones around today with Cuneiform symbols on the keys.

Video – 800-year-old mobile phone found in Austria

The alleged archaeological find looks very much like a modern day cellphone. It was reportedly found earlier this year by archaeologists during a dig in a city in the Austrian state of Slazburg.

  1. Sam van den Berg says

    How fake does a hoax have o be for it to be seen for what it is? 1 April is still some time offf

  2. Higgs Boson-Shatner says

    its a hoax, the characters are from Black Ops 3 Zombies mode

  3. Stefan Grande says

    Seems the screen is still on. Those older phones certainly seem to have a longer battery life. Oh dear!

  4. Aaron Lowe says

    Why would aliens use an outdated model anyway? Hoax

  5. anon99 says

    Slow news day?

  6. smartmind says

    800 years ago, it would have been the bees knees of mobile phones. Instead of Lithium batteries, they would have had stone batteries – much more reliable and less likely to blow up!

  7. CK Wunch says

    It seems someone has been having some fun.
    Nice try tho, almost got it right.

    If you can travel across time and space, you can make a better mobile phone, you would also keep the characters inside the borders :D
    Sumerian wasnt spoken or known in the 13th century, we didnt re-discover it for a long time.
    A “solid” display would be useless unless it was like the roman flag idea.

    But made me laugh anyway.

  8. StuckInUK4Now says

    Wouldn’t this article be more at home in the US ‘Weekly World News’ or the UK ‘Sunday Sport’ circa 1988, alongside ‘World War 2 Bomber Found On Moon’, ‘Statue Of Elvis Found On Mars’ and ‘London Bus Discovered In Antarctic Iceberg’?

  9. Aaron Lowe says

    The bees knees in human terms. If there is life on other planets it’s likely millions of years ahead of us or millions behind. Why would an alien race develop a device of a style within a few years (yes relatively 800 is still a few years) of our own level of development?

  10. Aaron Lowe says

    Reminds me when I went to Switzerland and found a local bus parked from Glssgow, Scotland.

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