How to Safely and Compassionately Move Your Elderly Loved Ones

One of the biggest challenge one has to face in life is moving their loved elderly ones. Whether it is an interstate move or a relocation to an assisted facility or an old age home, there are many challenges to make the process successful. There are ample of reasons why one must consider moving the parent/s important. However, in any case, the children want the transition to be safe, smooth, and emotionally less challenging.

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If you are moving your elderly loved one, here are the key tops too make it safe and less challenging:

  • Communicate and offer them choice

Your elderly loved ones may have lived in the house for long time now leaving their long time habitat might not be the easiest thing for them. It will be emotionally challenging and there will be a range of retaliation and apprehensions. Before you communicate with the parents about the move in pipeline, make sure you know what to talk about and what not to. The biggest issue of moving at an elderly age is feeling depend on others and experiencing loss of control. Make sure you make the parents a core part of the moving process and also let them decide what and how they want to move.

  • Planning is key to success

It is always recommended to think about the unforeseen future and plan accordingly. Before you start decluttering and packing their belongings, make sure you have a clear picture in mind, how they will be living. Check if the rooms will be furnished and will there be enough amenities. Discuss the floor plan with your parents and ask about their suggestions. This will make the move easier and more comforting for your parents.

  • Give the your time and ask others as well

It is great to contact your close relatives and siblings to spend some time with the parents before and after the move. The change is big for them, especially at this point of age. By offering them your time and willingness to listen to them, you will make it easier for them to relocate their old roots. You can also make your parents talk with others if they aren’t fully convinced for moving. Encouraging friends, family and children can make a lot of difference in making parents understand the importance of the move.

  • Pack what is important

Just like any other moving process, packing is important for moving your elderly parents. Make sure that you go through the inventory with your parents and sort out the belongings. Unlike the home, the parents would be offered limited space in the new place. Make sure that you pack as many essentials as can be easily fitted in the available space. Make a list of items to be packed and items that must be donated to others. Finally, keep all the items with emotional value aside and ask the parents if they would like to take them along or offer them as keepsakes to someone in the family.

  • Explain the moving process

As soon as the packing is done, make sure you sit with the parents and discuss the moving details. It is very important that your parents are on the same page with you regarding the moving day. Educate them about the mode of transportation and how much time will it take for them to reach at the new address. Also answer to their queries about the new place, surrounding areas and their life there.

  • Moving day preparations

While the movers will handle the moving requirements for the big day, make sure you prepare your parents for the long day ahead. Help them eat healthy and pack their handy bag. Keep them motivated about the move and the journey.

Moving elderly parents is challenging but important when hygiene, health and other problem arise. Make sure you take care of the moving process and do everything in a very compassionate manner. Always remember it is a bigger change for them than you – think from their perspective.

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