Moving to Phoenix?

What to Know Before Your Sign Your Moving Papers.

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Phoenix is the one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Its popularity among new residents has seen recent growth of well over 200,000 according to recent census numbers and as more new companies move to Phoenix, these numbers will continue to rise. If you are among the many flocking to Phoenix, there is a lot to consider.

During your move to this thriving part of the country, there are certain things you will want to know, so to help you out, here are our best tips for moving to Phoenix.

Embrace the Spice

Phoenix, Arizona is known for beautiful night skies, dry weather, and of course, spicy food. Spice is taken very seriously in Phoenix and adjusting to a more spice driven food scene can catch many new residents off guard. It is important to remember that different chilies have different spice levels. If you are new to a high spice environment, familiarize yourself with the Scoville scale.

This is the scale in which the level of spice in each pepper is depicted. Knowing the different levels can help you order at restaurants without getting caught off guard with a far too spicy dish for your individual taste. Give it time, you will embrace the spice soon enough, but start slow.

Phoenix Shuts Down Early

Do not be dismayed by this statement. It does not mean that Phoenix is not open during the evening, but much of the city shuts down around 5 pm. Many retail shops close their doors before the sun sets, but rest assured there are a variety of different restaurants, movie theaters, and sports venues to keep you busy.

What is great about Phoenix is that if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, for entertainment in the city, cities such as Scottsdale and Tempe are a very short drive away.

Life in the Great Outdoors

In certain parts of the country a summer downpour can wreck your daily plans, but in Phoenix, you need not worry about the weather impacting your plans during the day. Weather here is hot and dry. Where that may not be everyone’s ideal climate, for those that live here, it is perfect. Phoenix residents tend to embrace the outdoors with a variety of different activities such as hiking, biking, and rock climbing.

Take the time to embrace these activities. They are great exercise and can get you out of the general going to the gym rut many can find themselves in. Phoenix is full of beauty and much of that beauty is found in the rugged outdoors.

Storage Needs

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Homes in Phoenix are more unique. Due to the desert atmosphere, few basements are dug and attic space is equally difficult to come by. Storage in your garage is an option, but the lack of climate control in these areas make them almost as bad as an attic for storing certain items. Residents of Phoenix look to storage units for the majority of their storage needs. Storage units in Phoenix are practical, time saving, and allow you to enjoy all the space in your home.

If you are thinking of moving to Phoenix, consider renting a storage unit beforehand, They give you the option of storing certain items while setting up your new home and can be an excellent and affordable way to reduce stress during your move to Phoenix.

Understand Current COVID-19 Guidelines

There is no mistaking the matter that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Local and state governments have regulated specific guidelines for public venues and Phoenix has its own set of stipulations as well.

Maricopa county, which is where Phoenix, Arizona is located has mandated a mandatory mask in public venture for everyone. Additionally, specific businesses may require masks in their establishments as well. Be sure to abide by these stipulations at all times to avoid possible ramifications. Claiming you did not know because you are from out of town may not save you from possible fines.

Phoenix is not Just for Cars

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Cities these days are working to cut down on carbon emissions in various ways. Where Phoenix has embraced cleaner emissions vehicles with its public transportation avenues, it has also allowed for bike and foot traffic as well. Phoenix remains an easy to walk and bike city and should the weather not agree with your plans of foot powered travel, the public transportation system is among the cleanest and most efficient of major cities within the United States.

A personal vehicle may be essential for longer trips or when you want to embrace the outdoors outside of Phoenix, but it is likely, you will find yourself walking, biking, or using public transit for most destinations.

Moving can be scary for some, but it is important to look at the move as a new beginning. Many people have found themselves moving to Phoenix for a new start at life and this remarkable city embraces both long time residents as well as newcomers. Phoenix is a thriving city full of possibilities and new industries.

Take the time to visit Phoenix before moving to get a feel of the city, but rest assured, you may never want to leave again. Affordable housing and ample job opportunities mean you won’t have to, so have fun on your journey to a new land, Phoenix.