5 Multimedia Design Elements that are Setting New Trends for Businesses Worldwide

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For any website to make a good impression, better user experience and design are the most important features. Increasing the use of multimedia features in website searches, video/live streaming, and the use of graphics is one reason for that.

Social media apps and websites are the ones that are being used extensively and spreading the use of multimedia features across the Internet.

Designing and developing a memorable website which can work for any business is in demand right now. Any website right now must be designed so that it can fit the requirements of the users, especially related to the multimedia aspects.

The following are the top 5 aspects in this and send what businesses need to think about and incorporate in their design for the best results.

1. Responsive Design 

This may sound a bit cliched and old to you, but it is still an important aspect of web design. And when we talk about e-commerce pages related to multimedia, its importance increases manifold.

Think about how you can come up with a responsive design and add multimedia elements as well. Websites that are not optimized for smaller screens, that is, all types of handheld devices, will lose prospective customers in bulk quantity.

You need to think about turning your website into a mobile-friendly one so that you can have a ball in terms of attracting visitors to your website. Think about how you can add multimedia elements that can be added easily and accessed by anyone using smartphones and tablets, for example.

The application of another aspect that is called Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is required. AMP is an open-source standard that makes sure a website is loaded quickly on handheld devices. AMP is essential to make websites work in your favor without losing customers who might quit your website as a result of slow speed.

2. Bright Colors and Big Fonts

Bright colors are one of the best-known features to attract visitors on any website in hordes. Think about colors that will be unable to get the attention of visitors.

Bold style is required for maximum attention from your prospective customers, and bold colors can get you there. And with the combination of big fonts, colors can be used to give a new dimension to any website that lacks the power to hold the attention of the visitors.

One important aspect that you need to think about here is the use of white space. You must be wondering why I am emphasizing on the suspect, but it is necessary so that the visitors can skim through the content.

Surely, no one wants to go through the paragraphs, and that’s why they try to find the information they are looking for. White space provides them the facility so that they can do so without much effort.

Bright colors make visitors look at the content easily as it is easily visible and draws attention towards it. As high-quality images slow down the website, the use of bold colors and fonts is the best way to make things go your way without compromising on the speed and quality of the page.

At any point, if you think that you are not up to the job, the assistance from a reputed consultancy, Like Branex web Design Company in Dubai will do the trick for you.

3. Extensive Use of Video

Again, I am sure that most of my readers would think that this point is in direct contradiction to everything that I have mentioned so far. We all have a notion that the use of videos makes a website slow in loading, but this is not true.

You can use videos on your website by giving external links video sharing portals like YouTube. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a video on your website without compromising quality and the time for loading.

Reviews of videos by companies not just for the sake of it as you can convey your message in just 10- second video. It will take quite a lot of content to match that 10-second video that I have just mentioned. That’s why the use of videos by virtually every website has increased manifold during the last 2 to 3 years.

Incorporating videos aptly can make the use of multimedia elements perfect, as it is an easy way to achieve good traffic on a website.

4. Micro-Interaction on your Website

This is another way to get the attention of visitors on a website. Through deftly incorporating buttons on your website related to social media, you give a chance to your visitors to interact with you.

By reacting or posting a comment on it, the visitors on a website get in touch with your product or service. This increases the likelihood that they will buy that product, and they will get interested in it through these micro-interactions.

The best feature of these micro-interactions is that the visitors don’t have to load the pages, again and again, to see his comments updated on the website. This design feature lets you make your website run without having any problem even if the internet connection of your visitor is not optimum. That’s one reason why you should also incorporate micro-interactions on your website for positive results without hampering the performance of your website.

5. Use of AI Features 

You must have gone through several websites that use AI features. While we cannot call AI features as mainstream as getting the appreciation from general visitors is still far away. Most of us are not aware of what AI can do for us.

Together with machine learning, artificial intelligence is quickly changing the way websites, especially e-commerce websites and shopping portals, interact with their customers.

New developments in the field of AI are promising, and the future looks bright. Certain features like Assistance that we get Smartphones and also on desktop computers make us use the Internet easily.

Virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon Echo,and Cortana by Microsoft are changing the way we use our computers and search for products and services online.

Over to you

Offering these multimedia elements to your customers can be a great way to make them interact with your website and visit it regularly. If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask any question you have in mind, don’t be shy to speak up.

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